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This four-ingredient cannabis frosting is about to take your edible game to a additional level.

When I started out baking edibles, the complete strategy was so intimidating. Not only is baking a challenge to begin with, but attempting to get the suitable dose AND have it taste superb felt practically not achievable.

Then, I identified some point Good — a straightforward, speedy way to infuse icing For stoner girls like me who have had some adverse edible experiences ahead of (haven’t we all?) this is a seriously fantastic way to be capable to like the great physique larger, with no the be concerned of baking them also potent.

And, this frosting tends to make it so uncomplicated to turn a thing into an edible! I’ve attempted it on cookies, cake, fruit, ice cream, pretzels, donuts and considerably additional. All scrumptious, entirely dosed and made in a minute.

Cannabis Icing Recipe

two ¾ cups confectioners sugar
½ cup of cannabis-infused coconut oil or CBD oil, liquid but not hot
3 tbsp milk
two tsp vanilla extract

Cannabis Royal Icing Directions:

  1. Melt your cannabis coconut oil in the microwave by heating at 15-20 second intervals, checking on it just about every time to stir and allow the melting along (but making particular it does not get also hot). Coconut oil melts at about 75 degrees F so this aspect shouldn’t take extended at all. The oil will need to be melted, but not hot 🌴
  2. Mix all elements with every single other in a substantial bowl, with a kitchen mixer if you have a single. An electric mixer will get you the most powerful consistency, but hand mixing performs in a pinch 👩🏻‍🍳
  3. Primarily based on how you’d like your cannabis frosting, sprinkle in added sugar to thicken or a couple of drops of milk to thin 🥛
  4. Grab a spoon and taste test! This step is not anticipated, but particularly advisable 😉

Now, apply generously on your cooled baked goods! Use a knife to spread, or get actual fancy with it and “pipe” it by way of a ziploc bag with the corner cut down off. Get fancy and try new variations on this recipe by adding meals coloring, sweetened coconut flakes, edible glitter and considerably additional.

And, experiment with how you “dose” the frosting, also. Try a batch with a couple of drops of larger-superb CBD oil alternatively, or add/subtract some cannabis oil primarily based on your preferred effects.

Adapted from a recipe posted on

How did your cannabis frosting turn out, babes? 🍪🍰🍓 Let us know in the comments below, and tag your tasty treats @heyhello.larger on instagram so we can share ’em!


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