An amended version of a cannabis legalization bill has passed the New Mexico Residence of Representatives.

HB356 narrowly passed the Residence with a 36-34 vote on Thursday, bringing the state 1 step closer to the possibility of legal cannabis.

“We have what could potentially be a watershed moment in the recreational use of cannabis legalization movement,” mentioned sponsor Javier Martinez [D] ahead of Thursday’s vote. “New Mexicans are with us on this situation.”

Cannabis has been illegal in the state because 1923, even though a bill was passed in 1978 that recognized the plant’s medicinal worth.

In 2007, then-governor Bill Richardson signed SB523 into law, permitting certified sufferers acquire a doctor’s recommendation to use healthcare cannabis.

HB358 would build a licensing and regulation program for cannabis companies, but retail sales would take location at state-run outlets. Sponsor Antonio Maestas [D] says that government-run shops could possibly be the most accountable strategy for legal cannabis sales in the United States to-date.

The new amended version of the bill, lowers the legal possession limit from two ounces to 1 and needs customers to retain a receipt for their cannabis or face penalties.

As opposed to the state’s healthcare cannabis plan, HB358 would not permit house cultivation.

Previous convictions for something created legal by the bill would automatically be sealed soon after its passage.