three Kings Cannabis Strain Critique [Origins, Benefits, Grow Info]


In the planet of marijuana breeding, there are some strains that have risen to fame due to their sheer excellence, each in the excellent of their effects and in their flavors.

Even so, as constantly takes place with fantastic strains, the most renowned amongst them are nonetheless getting made use of to produce new and fascinating strains to this day. It is for this cause that we have the three Kings strain.

Let’s take a appear at the three Kings strain and examine its effects, flavors, and certain cannabinoid content material and see if it holds up to its renowned ancestors.

What is the three Kings Cannabis Strain?

To quite a few folks, the name three Kings likely implies religious connotations a reference to the 3 sensible guys in the course of the birth of Jesus, probably.

Even so, three Kings refers to its exclusive parentage of Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. What tends to make this specific parentage so fascinating is that the Headband strain is itself a cross involving Sour Diesel and OG Kush, creating these two kings of the marijuana planet the most substantial contributors to three Kings genetics.

When you take the greatest marijuana strains in the planet and crossbreed them, there is an expectation that they will be of mediocre excellent, a crossbreed that only exists to spend homage to the majesty of its parent strains.

Even so, three Kings is great in its personal correct. It possesses each a distillation of the flavors of its parents, as properly as a surprisingly potent impact regardless of its fairly low quantity of THC.

The higher of three Kings is pretty standard of its powerful sativa genetics, providing a mixture of focused power and a pleasantly calm, relaxed sensation.

After you have smoked your initial puff of three Kings, you will be right away hit with a profoundly powerful sensation of headiness – you can count on it to really feel like a sudden crashing wave, pretty much overwhelming your brain.

Even so, this overpowering feeling is fleeting, getting immediately replaced with an intensely physical relaxation that settles in the physique.

three Kings, getting a hybrid, causes effects that are commonly regarded as to belong to either sativas or indicas. By containing each forms of effects, three Kings is capable to be a sort of smorgasbord of distinctive marijuana experiences.

You will really feel an intense happiness that will leave you with a smile firmly rooted on your face, as properly as just feeling commonly relaxed. Even so, this blissful relaxation is then altered by a potent urge to do anything physical, ideally anything inventive.

It is a strange dichotomy to practical experience each supreme relaxation and a drive to comprehensive individual projects.

The power of three Kings is focused and driven, pretty much forcing you to get up and go and participate in the planet about you. As the THC content material of this strain is not as astronomical as quite a few other strains, you can point this driven power towards calm, relaxing projects, like playing the guitar or painting.

The most vital excellent of the three Kings higher is the feeling of comprehensive euphoria that will permeate your each and every moment. No matter exactly where you are on the spectrum involving relaxation and driven power, you will really feel delighted, content material and euphoric no matter what takes place.

This is a quite predictable outcome when you cross Sour Diesel and OG Kush, as these strains’ monumental effects are properly loved the planet more than.

But what about their flavor combinations? Does three Kings also handle to combine the flavor elements of its parent strains?

three Kings Aroma, Flavor, and Look


Like quite a few other hybrid strains, three Kings has a distinctly distinctive smell when noticed from far away compared to when you break the buds open.

The initial aroma is a single of slightly spicy earthiness. It smells somewhat equivalent to a healthful clod of dirt, regardless of how strange that could possibly sound. It smells each healthful and robust, providing a distinctly ‘natural’ aroma that promises fantastic factors for its eventual smoking.

Even so, when you get the bud in your hands and essentially break it open, the aroma shifts significantly.

The Sour Diesel parentage becomes exceptionally noticeable, as you can count on a robust and heady waft of diesel, as properly as undercurrents of pine and pine sap.

A great deal like its effects, the comprehensive aroma practical experience of three Kings is mainly a mix of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, only it has the strange excellent of getting additional like OG Kush from far away, but additional like Sour Diesel when up close.

How about its actual flavor? Does it just taste like a blend of Sour Diesel and OG Kush?


After you have taken your quite initial toke of three Kings, you will notice a profoundly smooth and oddly sweet taste that will wash more than your tongue. There will be noticeable flavors of pine that are interspersed with a tangy diesel flavor.

Your initial puff will leave you considering that it is precisely the very same as the aroma and effects – just a mix of its two most prominent parents, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Even so, when you get started to smoke a bit additional, you will notice a exclusive excellent that neither of these two venerated strains possesses.

It will start to taste far additional hash-like than either of its parents. This flavor profile is equivalent, but totally separate from its parents, creating the flavor of three Kings a exclusive practical experience in its personal correct.


The look of three Kings bud is fairly common and very standard of quite a few hybrid strains, specifically ones created from such quintessentially renowned strains.

You can count on a properly-dried bud of three Kings to have a vibrant green look, with dottings of brown and yellow trichomes and hairs that demonstrate its excellent.

It honestly appears like each and every other bud you could possibly see in a shop counter at your regional marijuana retailer – having said that, if you just judge by sight, you will under no circumstances get to practical experience the unbelievable effects of this strain.

A fantastic way to get your hands on some three Kings is to attempt and develop some oneself, so what type of unique suggestions and tricks are needed to develop your personal?

three Kings Cannabis Strain Develop Information

In the very same way that its flavor, aroma, and effects appear to be a mixing of its parents’ qualities, so also is the way in which three Kings grows.

Due to each Sour Diesel and OG Kush getting pretty adaptable strains, you can reliably develop three Kings anyplace, either indoors or outdoors. It does not have any strict temperature needs, nor does it specifically thoughts substantial humidity.

three Kings is essentially a fantastic strain to develop for newcomers, as it has all the pest resistant, valuable qualities of its ancestors all muddled into a single strain.

Apart from creating certain it is fed with a higher nitrogen compost, the only actually substantial factor you have to have to know about developing your personal three Kings is that the buds can have a tendency to develop very heavy, so it is a fantastic notion to assure that you tie your new growths to a trellis of some type, so as to assure that they do not fall more than or harm themselves.

On top of that, as is the very same with quite a lot all marijuana strains, you must practice suitable topping, which is a approach for pruning whereby you snip off the quite prime of the plant’s development so as to encourage far better lateral development. Right after all, additional lateral development suggests additional and larger excellent bud.

After you have harvested your three Kings, it is crucial that you get it dried as immediately as feasible, as the delicate, vibrant green colour of three Kings can fade if it is left off the plant and not dried for also extended.

After you have got all your three Kings harvested and dried, what type of cannabinoid content material can you count on?

three Kings THC Content material – Highest Test

As three Kings is the kid of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, two strains properly-identified for their higher THC levels and mesmerizing highs, it would stand to cause that three Kings would have a comparatively powerful THC content material.

Even so, three Kings generally averages about 14% THC content material, with some samples registering as higher as 19%. This essentially tends to make it reasonably middling in its THC content material, regardless of its powerful and enjoyable higher.

Even though some customers could possibly only see this is as a negative factor, it is fantastic to know that the fantastic effects of three Kings can exist with out getting to be rooted in incredibly higher THC levels.

On top of that, this tends to make three Kings a fantastic strain to give to these who do not have a lot of practical experience with marijuana, as its reduce than typical THC levels make it an incredibly pleasant and not at all overwhelming practical experience.

What about other cannabinoids, like CBD?

three Kings CBD Content material – Highest Test

In spite of the reduce levels of THC present in three Kings, you sadly will not uncover CBD quite a lot either. You can count on about 1% CBD content material, which is fairly standard for sativa leaning hybrids.

This is probably for the reason that the majority of the CBD content material has been bred away by way of numerous generations of crossbreeding so as to make the cleanest, most THC-wealthy as feasible. Even even though the actual THC content material of three Kings is not quite higher, it hasn’t created a lot space for CBD either.

Of course, just for the reason that there is not a lot CBD in three Kings does not imply that there are not substantial health-related effects that you can appreciate by working with this strain as properly.

Healthcare Advantages of three Kings Cannabis Strain

As three Kings is a sativa-leaning, happiness-inducing hybrid strain, you would count on that it would be valuable to take when suffering from anxiety or depression. Nicely, you’d be definitely correct – three Kings, just like its Sour Diesel and OG Kush ancestors, is an great strain to support combat mental issues or challenges arising from also a lot anxiety.

Several folks use three Kings to support combat depression and basic discomfort, as properly as assisting to deal with nausea as a outcome of vertigo or motion sickness.

Interestingly adequate, an every day use of three Kings is to support deal with symptoms that outcome from plane travel. This is for the reason that the higher of three Kings is not overwhelming in its intensity, creating it effortless to use even though flying with out getting detected.

Some folks also use it to support mitigate automobile sickness, or just commonly deal with a queasy stomach.

Of course, with each and every valuable health-related strain and its advantages, there are going to be adverse side effects that are somewhat unavoidable, and three Kings is no distinctive.

Attainable Side Effects of three Kings Cannabis Strain

By far the most generally reported side effects of three Kings is an boost of paranoia and anxiousness.

This is probably due to its low CBD content material, even though the majority of the reported incidences of these two symptoms are going to be linked to overindulging in three Kings.

The feelings of paranoia and anxiousness are incredibly mental and can leave some customers experiencing sensations of getting watched and just commonly feeling additional anxious more than a extended period of time.

Even so, it is essential to note that these symptoms generally only take place if you have either taken way, way also a lot three Kings, or if you are currently predisposed to suffering from paranoia and anxiousness to start with.

Even though there are some strains of marijuana that are great for assisting deal with people’s paranoia and anxiousness, three Kings is, sadly, a single of these strains that can make it worse for these who currently endure from it.

On top of that, you can count on the normal dry mouth and dry eyes that accompany quite a lot any hybrid strain, as properly as the occasional spell of dizziness.

Final Thoughts on three Kings Cannabis Cannabis Strain

three Kings is a strain that acts as an homage to the two greatest hits in the Marijuana planet – OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Its third genetic ancestor, Headband, is itself a cross involving OG Kush and Sour Diesel, creating the resultant crossbreed of three Kings each a kid and a cousin of these two seminal strains.

three Kings’ parentage is readily apparent, each in its flavor and aroma and its effects, creating three Kings a strain that is basically a lovely mixture of each of its parents.

Even though quite a few hybrid strains possess exclusive qualities that separate it from their parents and seek to be a exclusive strain in its personal correct, three Kings is unashamedly practically nothing additional than a mixture of its parents.

Even though you must constantly strive to attempt out new and fascinating marijuana strains, you must also make certain to uncover some three Kings and attempt it for oneself.

If you appreciate the majestic, calming highs of each Sour Diesel and OG Kush then you will definitely appreciate three Kings – it is fundamentally like taking either a single of these fantastic strains, only a lot far better!


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