With CBD stores popping up across the nation, Kansas City seems to be a focal point. By the end of
2018, 16 CBD stores were opened, and more are on the horizon. For a city that is in the heart of the
Midwest, such a development has taken many people by surprise. The estimated 475,000 residents in the
heart of Kansas City alone means that more CBD stores are likely to open soon.

How It Began
CBD or Cannabidiol is a product derived from the buds and flowers of marijuana plants. When the 2018
Farm Bill became law, it removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and allowed for the legal
sale of CBD. In Kansas, a change in the state law allowed for the sale of CBD oil that does not include
THC, which is the substance that causes people to feel “high”. In fact, industrial hemp contains very little
THC and is the perfect crop for the expansion of CBD products.
Today, the demand is outstripping the supply, but in a few years as more Kansas farmers start growing
hemp that will probably change. With Kansas being an agriculture state, it is well-suited to grow its own
hemp and create CBD oil from it. This means that the supply in the region of Kansas City will be plentiful
and inexpensive which will help in terms of overall sales and profit margins.
That combination of events began the explosion of CBD stores across Kansas and into Kansas City.
Missouri followed suit and today CBD stores are seemingly going up everywhere. What’s even more
interesting in the sheer number of products that are infused with CBD oil.
Oil Droppers
Body Cream
Candy and More
A good part of the demand for CBD-infused products is the benefits that the product provides. However,
apart from epilepsy, there have been no studies that prove such claims. Plus, the FDA has not chimed in
on CBD or its use. However, because there have been relatively few side effects reported, there is
seemingly no reason to stop the infusion of CBD, even if it has no effect.
Future of CBD Oil
By 2020, it is estimated that the CBD industry will exceed a billion dollars nationwide and continue to be
one of the fastest-growing in the US. In 2018, the hemp industry saw a 53% growth rate and the overall
rate over the next five years is expected to well exceed the sales of legalizes marijuana.
The reasons are many, but the fact that CBD oil has few side effects, does not contain THC, and can be
used in so many different products means that it will retain its popularity for some time. In Kansas City,
the boom in CBD stores seems to be just the beginning of a wave that is sweeping across the nation.
With Kansas City as the focal point, more CBD stores will be opening across the Midwest by the dozens,
if not hundreds. With all that said, if you are in the KC area and you are looking at buying the highest
quality hemp oil and CBD oil, then we highly recommend you do your research on which store is the best
for you. Your choice should not merely be which shop is closest, but which one has the products that can
actually bring health benefits.


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