The cannabis business is lighting up, but at what expense? The social and overall health implications of cannabis have been hotly debated, but the environmental impacts and possibilities presented by the swiftly expanding cannabis business have received far significantly less interest, in spite of calls to add the atmosphere to the conversation on marijuana liberalization.

In recognition of the several sustainability challenges linked to cannabis cultivation, the Environmental Law Institute’s Innovation Lab teamed up with pesticide law and cannabis law specialists to make many educational brochures demystifying the confusing regulatory landscape of pesticide use on cannabis:

These sources, created in cooperation with the International Cannabis Bar Association, will be distributed at the 2d Annual National Cannabis Policy Summit this Friday in Washington, D.C.

And even though the business does have its challenges, substantial possibilities for technological and environmental regulatory breakthroughs exist. “If one particular is hunting for a testbed for experiments in sustainable production, extended producer duty, the circular economy, industrial symbiosis, or any of the other post-modern day environmental paradigms, the emerging cannabis sector is a major contender,” explains Dave Rejeski, Director of ELI’s Technologies, Innovation, and the Atmosphere Plan.

For instance, standard cannabis cultivation comes with several environmental impacts on air, water, waste, and extra. But what if you didn’t will need the cannabis plant to generate the THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids required to make novel medicinal and customer goods? In the newest episode of ELI’s Persons Areas Planet Podcast, “Environmental Disruptors: Brewing Cannabis with Beer Yeast”, Dave Rejeski talks with Jay Keasling, UC Berkeley professor and synthetic biologist, about his game-altering innovation to advance environmental protection in cannabis cultivation. Keasling and his group engineered yeast—yes, the similar yeast utilized to brew beer—to generate higher-excellent, low-expense THC and CBD with potentially a great deal decrease environmental effect.

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