Buzzfeed’s Reefer Madness Clickbait Requires Off


And now for some Buzzfeed Bullshit about Cannabis

A current slew of “survey articles” about the public perception of cannabis have been becoming smeared all more than the Buzzfeed internet site. I personally do not study something from Buzzfeed, but considering the fact that I have a handful of cannabis alerts set up, it produced its way to my inbox.

The headline study, “Half of Americans Assume The Smell of Weed in Public is a Genuine Problem”. The byline study, “Canadians hate it even more”.

This tends to make you wonder, is the smell of weed genuinely a difficulty and do 50% of the public definitely assume it is a difficulty?

I decided to dig deeper.


Buzzfeed does not recognize math

Firstly, just before we jump into the numbers, let’s recognize the term “Real Problem”. A Genuine difficulty would be thought of one thing that demands quick action. For instance, drunk driving is a genuine difficulty with genuine-planet consequences.

For people today to contemplate the smell of weed in public a genuine difficulty, we can assume that it impacts their lives in 1 way or yet another. Possibly they have little ones, possibly they have sensitive noses like that of the basset hound. Nonetheless, these are people today that would like to take action. It is a sensitive point that requirements to be addressed.

Now, let’s take a appear at their survey numbers.

According to the Buzzfeed survey:

People today asked on sidewalks:


  • 23% stated it was a “major problem”
  • &#13

  • 28% stated it was a “minor problem”
  • &#13

  • 28% stated it was “not genuinely a problem”
  • &#13

  • 21% stated it was “not a difficulty at all”
  • &#13

Beneath the pretext of “real problem”, only 23% of the people today expressed that opinion. That indicates that the bulk sum of people (77%) identified it to be a minor difficulty to no difficulty at all.

That indicates that three in four people today (asked) according to their survey, didn’t genuinely see it as a difficulty. In other words, not 50% as claimed by the headline.

When they asked cannabis shoppers, they claim that 1-third of them claimed it to be a difficulty and 10% claiming it is a genuine difficulty. Having said that, as a cannabis consumer…it does not make sense that 33% of cannabis shoppers would have a difficulty with the smell of weed.


The tiny quantity of surveyed

In a nation of a population of 330 million people today, asking a handful of thousand people today their opinion would hardly paint a broad image. Information would modify from neighborhood to neighborhood, from state to state. The vast contrast involving “suburban living” and “city living” sways opinion primarily based on their quick interaction with the atmosphere.

The total quantity of people today surveyed come out to 1000 adults in the US and 607 in Canada. In other words, they asked the opinion of .0003% of the US Population and then produced a claim that “half of Americans” assume that the smell of weed in public is a ‘real problem’?

If that constitutes factual scientific claims…we are definitely fucked as a species! Thankfully, it is just Buzzfeed and no one requires that seriously…or do they?


The Buzzfeed Dilemma

The difficulty with websites like Buzzfeed is that they have huge attain. The difficulty with a lot of people on social media these days is that they only study headlines and type opinions primarily based on this data. People today do not truth-verify their sources. They basically study “half of Americans” hate the smell of weed in public, and assume it to be accurate.

This, in turn then translates into the higher social narrative which creates a lot more resistance to passing weed laws. They have an influence on people today and are disseminating disinformation. Clearly, Buzzfeed tries to enhance income and know that by publishing bullshit, they will get clicks. Having said that, at what price?

Disinformation is a genuine difficulty that shapes the way you see the planet. This in turn impacts your behavior which then impacts the atmosphere. It was disinformation that assist craft the draconian drug laws that incarcerated non-violent people today for smoking and promoting a plant. It is disinformation that continues to sustain a policy that need to have never ever been produced in the initially spot.

When these people are merely writing for the sake of producing dollars, they need to be conscious that their participation with the method that oppresses the masses, are genuine. They are compliant in the narrative that sustains prohibition.

So thanks for that Buzzfeed!


People today do not have a difficulty with the smell of weed

After I was walking down Santa Monica Pier, it was a extended day and I required to unwind. Regrettably, I didn’t have any weed on me (this was prior to complete legalization). I was also going to California and not a resident.

Thankfully, there was this gnarly smell in the air that guided me to a dude who was sitting on a bench smoking a bowl. I asked him if by any opportunity he would spare me a toke. We smoked for an hour and I produced a new pal.

Thanks to the smell of weed in a public spot.

Is this story subjective…of course! But at least I’m sincere about it.









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