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Trulieve Indica Remedy (Rem)

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Trulieve Remedy is a low-THC, higher CBD strain. This suggests that there will be no psychoactive effects related with consumption.

This is a bonus for sufferers who are intending to treat their ailments, but without the need of the “high” related with THC. Remedy is a cross in between Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic.

Sufferers report that Remedy is a superior strain for these who really feel anxious with other strains. This is most successful for sufferers who are struggling with anxiousness.

Other reported effects incorporate a feeling of euphoria as a outcome of relaxation and the capacity to concentrate. It is useful for sufferers who battle with chronic discomfort. Attempt consuming just after operate to unwind your physique.

If you like Trulieve Remedy, attempt Trulieve Sativa Lemon Meringue.

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