My Journey Overcoming Opiate Addiction With Cannabis


In a study published in the Journal of the American Health-related Association, access to health-related cannabis was related with drastically decrease state-level opioid overdose mortality prices. States with health-related marijuana laws showed practically 25 % significantly less typical annual opioid overdose deaths than states without having laws.

When I was 17 years old, I was driving two of my buddies dwelling from a football game at our higher college.   We had been listening to music and getting a blast. We had our entire lives ahead of us and the planet at our fingertips. I had been accepted to my initially-decision college on a complete scholarship when we had been hit by a drunk driver out of nowhere, and my auto flipped more than two instances.

I was rushed to the hospital in crucial situation and they did not assume I was going to make it. I woke up in the ICU following two really severe surgeries for internal bleeding and an injury to my back. They told me that the proper side, back, and front of his auto had been fully smashed in and somehow just about the driver’s seat was the only location that was not totaled and he was really fortunate to be alive. My two buddies who had been in the auto with me had been not as fortunate even though and they died quickly upon effect. The emotional discomfort and guilt, in addition to the physical discomfort I was in, was as well considerably to bear.

Needless to say, I was so badly injured and in so considerably discomfort I was administered morphine and other opiates whilst in the hospital. The discomfort meds had been administered appropriately by the medical doctors, and whilst the discomfort meds had been required for me whilst recovering from my injuries and many surgeries it had awoken the beast of addiction inside of me. My family members noticed that I was beginning to ask for much more and much more discomfort meds even even though I was acquiring far better and was not in as considerably discomfort any longer. They expressed their concern to the Drs but it was brushed off by them.

Upon my discharge I was sent dwelling with a dilaudid prescription, I knew more than the counter discomfort meds would not be adequate for me to handle my discomfort at dwelling, but I knew I was in for a bumpy ride when I filled that script. My mom managed my discomfort meds for the initially two weeks and kept them hidden whilst I recovered at their home. A single day when they had been at operate I ransacked the home, located the prescription bottle and took the complete point. My mom was devastated when she got dwelling to obtain out what had occurred. She attempted to sit down and speak to me about it but I just believed she was becoming dramatic and convinced her I was fine.

I knew she was onto me so I packed my issues and went to my apartment so I would have handle of my discomfort meds and not have any person regulating them. I was in complete-on denial about what I was undertaking, and was as well busy attempting to get my subsequent repair. When I ran out of my scripts my Drs wouldn’t refill them early, and I got so sick I went into complete blown opiate withdrawals. Desperate, I went to the streets to obtain what I required, and that day I shot heroin for the initially time. My complete life changed that day and there was no turning back. I quickly went from an opiate addict to a heroin addict…just like that. This became my life for the subsequent year. Almost everything I did revolved about obtaining or making use of heroin. I sold almost everything I owned and even resorted to promoting my physique. A single day I had adequate of the life I was living and knew if I continued down this path I was going to die.

I referred to as my mom and asked her for aid. She instantly got on the telephone with our insurance coverage corporation to obtain a detox center. Detoxing appropriately from opiates is so crucial and was not one thing I could do on my personal. Every single time I attempted to I would get so sick that I could not take it and would get higher once again. Becoming medically detoxed helped me ease the withdrawal approach, and get all of the opiates out of my program. The fog had been lifted and I began to assume much more clearly about the alternatives I produced and in no way wanted to go back to the life I was living once again.

Nowadays I am three years totally free of my opiate addiction, thanks to cannabis! Total abstinence from all mood-and-thoughts-altering substances does not define my recovery. As an individual who struggles with chronic discomfort as effectively as post-traumatic tension disorder (PTSD) as the outcome of physical and sexual assault, I nonetheless expertise emotional triggers. These can leave me vulnerable to my old way of self-medicating with opiates. What assists me via these potentially risky episodes? Marijuana. For me cannabis assists to ease my physical discomfort as effectively as my cravings for opiates. It puts me in touch with a aspect of my emotional core that gets shut down when I am triggered. Even though making use of cannabis, the believed of injecting toxic drugs into my physique appears completely unhealthy and unappealing, most likely the way it appears to an individual who does not have an opioid use disorder. It is not a remedy-all, but it stops me from relapsing.

People today have been making use of this technique on the streets for years, one thing I observed in the course of my time in each active addiction and recovery. Anecdotally, marijuana’s efficacy as a withdrawal and recovery help is stated to be attributed to its discomfort-relieving properties, which aid with the aches and pains of coming off an opioid, as effectively as adding the psychological balm of the higher. The distinction among opiated versus non-opiated perception is stark, to say the least. The capacity to soften the blow of that transition assists some customers acclimate to life without having opioids. Even if the marijuana use does not stay transitional, if an individual who was formerly addicted to heroin continues to use marijuana for the rest of his or her life. The threat of a fatal overdose, hepatitis C or HIV transmission via IV drug use, and a host of other complications are fully eliminated.

Take it from an individual who has walked the tenuous line of addiction, that is a huge win.

Marijuana may possibly also be in a position to aid people today get off of opioid-primarily based upkeep medicines. Health-related cannabis is at present legal in 31 states, a lot of of which call for patient registry or identification cards for the acquire and use of the substance for precise diagnosed health-related circumstances. These circumstances differ by state and continue to alter. At the federal level, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance beneath the “Controlled Substances Act,” and there are no recognized health-related makes use of. In 24 of the states with legalized cannabis, some kind of item testing is necessary. Testing varies by state and may possibly be restricted contamination tests or may possibly incorporate quantification of CBD and THC levels. California, for instance, demands dispensaries to sell only marijuana that has been tested for pesticides, contaminants, and microbial impurities. Starting in July 2018, the state also started to call for testing to ascertain plant potency (ie, levels of THC and CBD). This information and facts is integrated on the item label. It is crucial to know that consistency and top quality of the item received may possibly differ from dispensary to dispensary and from state to state.

The US tends not to let recreational marijuana use, even in states exactly where it has been legalized. But research inform us this shouldn’t genuinely be a concern. Two separate research, 1 published in 2002 and the other in 2003, located that MAT individuals who employed cannabis did not show poorer outcomes than individuals who abstained. Despite the fact that this reasoning alone does not imply marijuana assists with recovery, these findings set the groundwork for future analysis.

Do the experiences of people today like me represent a viable therapy strategy for opioid use disorder? I assume so! It will most likely be a couple of years just before we have the official information. Till then, it is higher time we cease demonizing people today in opioid recovery who pick out to reside a meaningful life that incorporates marijuana.

I have a life nowadays that I in no way would have imagined could be aspect of my reality. I in no way believed I would make it to 30 years old, and I was convinced that I would die with a needle in my arm, or wrapped about a phone pole from nodding out in my auto. There’s a fantastic life waiting for you outdoors of that spoon.


Crystal Hampton is a 37-year-old avid writer from South Florida. She loves snuggling with her teacup Yorkie, Gator, and boyfriend Adam. She performs for a digital marketing and advertising corporation that advocates spreading awareness on the illness of addiction. Her passion in life is to aid other people by sharing her expertise, strength, and hope.

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