Illegal, Lego-Shaped Weed Edibles Retain Popping Up in North America


Final week, Halifax Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced on Twitter that they seized $60,000 worth of cannabis merchandise from Timberleaf Option Health-related Society, an allegedly unlicensed health-related marijuana dispensary. The bust netted various gummy edibles fashioned into Lego-styled creating blocks, which authorities think could appeal to young youngsters.

In a news release, Halifax RCMP claimed each and every gummy contained a whopping 500 milligrams of THC, which “could be a fatal dose for a kid.” Despite the fact that the Lego edibles contained almost 100 instances the low-finish “recreational” dose of five milligrams, there have been no documented situations of kids dying from THC overdoses.

The following day, RCMP retracted its initial statement in a second news release. “We have taken measures to address the liberties that had been taken in the release,” it mentioned.

Although weed-infused Lego gummies possibly will not kill anybody, law enforcement in the US keeps stumbling on the faux toy blocks, also. Final Friday, the Lexington Herald Reader reported that a sheriff’s deputy in Kentucky discovered more than a pound of THC-laced Lego gummies in the course of a routine website traffic cease.

Final November, Florida cops charged a 12-year-old boy with delivering Lego-shaped weed edibles to his seventh-grade classmates.

Despite the fact that edible Legos could be generating headaches for law enforcement, at least the gummies will not stab anyone’s feet when accidentally stepped on.

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