Are you searching for a transportable, pure CBD cartridge that makes use of organic hemp oil and is cost-free from carrier liquids? Vape Bright’s effortless to use, sleek CBD pen might be for you.

Take a look at Vape Bright ===> https://www.vapebright.org/

What you Require to Know About This CBD Oil

According to Vape Bright’s web page, the oil is derived from organic hemp and there are no additives other than organic cannabis terpenes incorporated in the cartridge oil. Vape Vibrant is 1 of the handful of cartridge companies I’ve reviewed that does not add carrier oils, like propylene glycol (PG), into their item. PG is a popular additive in vaporizer oils and cosmetics, but it is controversial simply because it is perceived to be a toxic substance by several. PG enhances the cloud of smoke you get on an exhale. Just simply because you do not see a enormous cloud of smoke, does not imply you are not finding a correct hit.

Vape Bright Review

Vape Vibrant makes use of Co2 extracted from hemp oil. Co2 extraction is the normal in extraction technologies simply because it makes use of stress and temperature to extract the oil rather of chemical solvents. Vape Bright’s clean item produces a good, complete-flavored hit. The corporation recommends working with brief puffs to stay away from overheating the CBD or burning out the cartridge. The battery is activated on the inhale, producing it quite effortless to use.

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Coloration and Viscosity


Vape Bright Review

The Vape Vibrant oil is an amber-gold in colour. This is characteristic of CO2 extracted oils. Darker, greener oils imply that the oil hasn’t been filtered (or has been filtered quite tiny) and may perhaps nonetheless include micro remnants of the original plant material. The cleaner, additional gold in colour the oil is, the additional filtering the item has undergone. Co2 extracted oil is deemed a most effective practice in the market simply because it is protected and preserves additional of the other helpful chemical substances from the plant, like terpenes and other cannabinoids. The blend of cannabinoids and terpenes in an oil make a fuller, additional robust item that is probably to generate enhanced effects on the thoughts and physique. This is identified as the entourage impact, a term applied to describe that the chemical substances perform improved in mixture, as a entire, than isolated as person elements.

Since these cartridges are pre-filled, I’m unable to conduct a viscosity test, exactly where I run the item down a piece of paper to see how thick or thin it is. Having said that, you can clearly see the oil in the cartridge and the gold colour is characteristic of CO2 extracted oil.

Flavor and Scent

How does it smell?
Not considerably of a smell on exhale. This can be good rather of smelling artificial sweeteners.

How does it taste?
The Vape Vibrant tastes relatively flavorless. There is a subtle, amber molasses taste for lack of a improved descriptor. This taste is characteristic of hemp-primarily based vaporizer oils and is quite, quite light. You will not notice considerably as this item is meant to be inhaled with brief, sweet puffs. There is not a distinct, recognizable flavor. Some goods add flavors, like strawberry or other fruity tastes. These can be good, but typically taste artificial and unpleasant. The Vape Vibrant is additional neutral and subtle in its taste.

Final Thoughts

Vape Bright Review

The Vape Vibrant Starter Pack comes with a smaller, padded carrying case for the cartridge and charger, which is hassle-free for customers who want to meticulously take this item on the go. When assembled, the item is nonetheless smaller like a pen, so it can very easily match into a purse with no the case. Vape Vibrant only sells 200 mg CBD cartridges, but you can buy 3 or 5 packs on their web page and get a cost break for purchasing in bulk. All round, this is a good item that is effortless to use and gentle to inhale. I would propose this item to anybody searching for a CBD pen to take on the go. I am partial to goods that remain as clean and chemical-cost-free as doable and Vape Vibrant does a very good job by working with organic hemp oil, CO2 extraction processes, and maintaining carrier oils out of their formula.

What’s Critical To Know About  Vape Vibrant

Vape Vibrant delivers a Vibrant Care Assure — so if you are not 100% satisfied with your buy you can receive a complete refund inside 60 days. It is normally good when businesses give you time to attempt their goods beneath a assure. Short assure occasions do not let the consumer time to completely assess the item and can be very easily missed in the midst of our everyday lives. Vape Vibrant does not list exactly where they supply their hemp from and they do not supply any details on whether or not they test their oils for potency and contaminants. This is some thing I think all oil businesses must do in order to create transparency and develop trust with customers.

Take a look at Vape Bright ===> https://www.vapebright.org/


  • 100% organic hemp oil
  • no propylene glycol
  • no nicotine
  • 200 mg CBD per cartridge
  • CO2 extracted hemp oil
  • Created in the USA
  • $60.00 Vape Vibrant Starter Pack with battery
  • Approx. 1 mg of CBD per puff
  • Re-charges into USB port in 30 minutes
  • 100 inhalations per battery
  • three.two-volt setting
  • Vibrant Care Assure – complete refund inside 60 days of buy if you are not 100% happy