A company with a brand motto that reads, “Live Life Better” has something great to offer, that’s for sure. After carefully reviewing the CBD Sky brand and its products, I’ve now got plenty to share with you about it. I was truly amazed at what I learned and need to share my findings with you.

I’m here to get down to business and share everything I know, so here goes nothing…

Overview of CBD Sky Brand

I have discovered things about the brand that separates them and raise them above the competition, like the full disclosure of their production process, completely transparent lab test results and certificates of quality. I also like their devotion to customer satisfaction which should always be a driving force behind any brand.

The company

CBD Sky prides itself on their superior farming practices, using a well-established practice of growing organic, high potency industrial hemp specifically bred for its high CBD contents. They make detailed laboratory tests to ensure that the products they provide are completely free of any type of contaminants without having to sacrifice the flavor or the benefits of their products.

The official website of the CBD Sky brand is well designed, with an abundance of useful information on everything related to hemp and CBD. If you read through it all, you will notice that every question you may have about the products of their production techniques and lab tests is adequately answered and you are completely covered on anything you need to know.

They are not only for show, as they produce a vast number of different CBD products and they proudly sell them through their webshop. They offer 100% organic, completely natural products that relieve stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, help detox the body, enhance focus and boost energy, affect the mood and sleep patterns and support the cognitive functions of the mind. All the products are tested and the results are published on each product page.

The Products

The CBD Sky product offering covers a lot of ground, offering CBD oil drops, CBD capsules, CBD skin care, CBD oral spray, and CBD pet products. Here I’ll bring a further explanation on each product category and tell you why it is a good choice to try the CBD Sky brand.

CBD Drops (otherwise known as tinctures)

Taking CBD tinctures is one of the most popular ways of taking your daily dose of CBD. The CBD Sky brand calls their tincture Pure Hemp CHD Drops which is a nice name for a good product. To offer the best for their clients, they have a very wide offer on concentrations and flavors.

You can select between 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg and 1500mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle with a dropper. There are two types of drops, one made with a full-spectrum extract, and the other made with a CBD isolate. Both are very good options with the same amount of CBD, but the full-spectrum one has all the hemp terpenes which make a great difference. There are also three distinct flavors: natural, orange and peppermint. You can take any pick and rest assured you cannot go wrong.

CBD Capsules

The second most popular way of taking CBD is by taking CBD capsules. This is the most discreet way of taking CBD, as you can take them anywhere anytime you need a boost in energy. To reduce stress, anxiety and get relief from pain, just take one or two capsules and you are all set.

These come in two variations, a 10mg CBD per capsule and a 30mg CBD per capsule, both in a bottle of 30 capsules. These are made from pure CBD isolate blended in an MCT carrier oil and vegetable cellulose, rice flour, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate to make the shell of the capsule.

CBD Skincare Products

CBD is not only for internal use, as it has a great many applications as a topical agent. It is great for reducing inflammation on the skin, help heal burned skin, relieve pain and a lot more. The CBD Sky skincare line consists of a full array of CBD and full-spectrum hemp oil products designed to tackle any skin issue you may have.

It includes a: anti-aging moisturizing cream, anti-aging face cream, neck, and décolleté anti-aging cream, anti-wrinkle serum, under-eye serum, night cream, FREEZE pain rub, intensive pain rub with emu oil, massage oil, retinol collagen IP6 moisturizer, face cleanser, face toner, skin day re-energize cream, tattoo aftercare cream, ultra-moisturizing body butter, roll-on pain rub, and radiation max relief cream.

CBD Oral Spray

A fresh manner of taking CBD, the oral sprays by CBD Sky come in a wide range of products that suit everyone’s needs. It is taken by spraying it directly into your mouth where it gets absorbed and into your bloodstream. This is a way more convenient way of taking CBD, as taking capsules or tinctures can be unpleasant for some people.

The CBD Sky oral sprays come in convenient 8ml spray bottles, with 60mg of CBD per bottle. There are nine different sprays with different flavors to satisfy every taste and need. Anti-Stress &Relaxation with Mixed Berry flavor, Appetite Suppressant with Salted Caramel flavor, Energy CBD with Citrus flavor, Health & Wellness with Mint flavor, Maximum Pain Relief with Mocha flavor, Sleep Support with Min flavor, as well as Pet Anti-stress & Anxiety Support, Pet Health & Wellness and Pet Joint Health Support CBD spray.

Pet Products

The pets in our lives deserve a healthy, happy life, and that is exactly why CBD Sky has made special pet products with CBD and full-spectrum hemp oil. The CBD helps the pets fell more relaxed, deal with social anxiety and relieve stress and pain. The pet products include the pet sprays outlined above along with oil drops for pets, chewy treats, and conditioning shampoo.


From my extensive research into the CBD Sky brand, I can easily say that this is a company that knows its business as well as the business of cannabis. Not only do they follow the growth of their industrial hemp, make sure it is the variety with the most CBD and least THC, they also incorporate clean extraction methods, perform lab test results and publish the results freely online.

They also have a wide variety of products, several different delivery methods, and a great customer satisfaction rate. Just visit their website for more info and you will be amazed at the affordable prices, many options, and excellent customer care (which can be reached at this email address: [email protected]