In this article, we look at why KushyCBD delivers the best disposable CBD vape on the market, and tell you everything you need to know about vaping CBD in general.

If you tried to synergize two of the most hyped consumption habits of the past couple of years, you’d be hard pressed to find a better pairing than vaping CBD.

2018 saw an unprecedented wave of interest in the non-psychoactive cannabis compound cannabidiol, which has shown tremendous promise as a treatment for a wide berth of ailments, ranging from common anxiety and depression to epilepsy and chronic migraines.

As the country engaged in a long overdue debate about the medicinal applications of the cannabis plant, CBD became something that almost everyone could enjoy, regardless of their state’s stance on cannabis legislation.

And then there’s vaping. Coming along at a time when cigarette smoking in the west is in sharp decline, vape technology has emerged as a popular means of aiding smoking cessation, and for baseball capped bros to billow clouds of dominance over one another. While the medical community acknowledges the likelihood that vaping nicotine is healthier than smoking cigarettes, question marks still loom over the long term dangers of vaping oil of any description.

Today, vapes represent one of the fastest growing segments of the cannabis market. 80% of concentrate sales in California were for vapes, with many consumers being drawn to them for their discretion, simplicity of use, and ability to acutely manage dosing.

For those that are new to CBD and are looking to experiment with it, vaping is the perfect way to do that, particularly if you have some familiarity and comfort with oral inhalation.

About KushyCBD’s All-in-One Vape

100mg CBD Gummy Formula
  • 175mg CBD + 325mg terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids

  • Powerful 400mAh battery

  • Hits till the end of the tank

  • Works straight out of the box

  • Fast-acting

Perfect for:

  • New patients

  • Those requiring fast-acting relief

  • Sufferers of anxiety or insomnia

Award-winning vape technology

Industry awards have played an extremely important role in consumer knowledge in the cannabis space. With so many new products and brands, and notable absence of standards initially, consumers and patients alike looked to expert-judged competitions like Cannabis Cup and Kush Cup to know which products promised quality.

KushyCBD’s parent company KushyPunch has won a number of major cannabis awards over the years. Most recently, we scooped wins for our CBD gummy and our THC vapes at WeedCon 2018 in Ojai, California.

Click here to learn more about our awards and testimonials.

It’s really simple


It’s tough to overstate the simplicity of our all-in-one CBD vape. Ready to go straight out of the box and without the need to charge or even press a button to activate, KushyCBD’s vape is effortless and perfect for someone looking for an easy, fast-acting way to get their CBD.

Our powerful batteries keep hitting until the very last puff, ensuring that you’re never left hanging with oil left in the tank.

Check out this article that will tell you everything you need to know about vaping CBD.


If discretion isn’t the biggest concern for you and you don’t mind people seeing you hit a vape when you’re out and about, you’ll want to rep a sexy vape pen that doubles as an accessory.

Our all-in-one ivory vape is sleek and buttonless, standing out from the legions of silver 510 battery-style vapes that are everywhere at the moment.


One of the biggest reasons that vaping cannabis products surged in popularity in recent years is the levels of discretion that they offer users. Not everyone wants to smell like a dank stash box, and vaping gave cannabis users a means of consuming on the go without anyone knowing….

With minimal odor, varying levels of clouds ( vape lords, you can still get your sick, creamy clouds thanks to our powerful 400mAh battery) and its sleek build quality, our disposable vape is perfect for those of us that don’t want to make a performance out of our CBD use.

Fast-acting delivery method

Gummies, tinctures, capsules and pure CBD oil all take between 30-60 minutes to activate if take orally and processed by the liver. Vaping CBD and absorbing through the lungs is almost instant, and makes it the perfect delivery method for those that use CBD to combat anxiety, depression or have difficulty sleeping.

Highest quality oil

CBD Vape

“There are many companies out there that use a distillate or a very high concentrate in their gummies or edible products. They are getting rid of the compounds and substances that occur naturally in the plant. Our full spectrum oil is a dark green extract. It has flavonoids—which are antioxidants that naturally occur in the plant; they have chlorophyll, natural essential oils from the plant, waxes, some fibers.”

Carolina Vasquez Mitchell, Kushy CBD’s Chief Scientist

About our oil:

  • 175mg of full spectrum CBD oil
  • 325mg of terpenes + cannabinoids
  • 0mg of THC

While we spend a lot of time, attention and resources on developing the best technology, the quality of our oil is by far the most important aspect of our CBD products.

The quality of our products is measured by how they help users and patients overcome their ailments, and while delivery method (gummy vs vape vs tincture) certainly important, the oil truly takes center stage.

Many cannabis companies are engaged in a race to give users the most refined, pure distillates, maximizing the presence of particular compounds (in most cases this is THC or CBD) at the expense of all the other rich cannabinoids and compounds that are thought to give the plant many of its diverse, health-giving properties.

Our vape oil contains terpenes and a spectrum of cannabinoids, giving users a considerably more honest representation of the plant, and harnessing many of the additional, lesser-known benefits that have been shown to come along with it.

To learn more about full spectrum oil, visit our guide here.

Best battery technology available

Disposable vapes often live and die by the quality of their battery, with duds being one of the biggest problems affecting the emerging market.

We know this, and invested considerably in sourcing our 400mAh battery, which is one of the strongest and longest-lasting vape batteries in the world. This no-button vape battery allows you to get deep, powerful hits until the end of the tank, ensuring that you get all of the CBD oil that you paid for.

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