FDA on CBD: Let Congress Deal With It


Outgoing FDA chief says Congress can act faster. Hemp derived CBD products are a hot topic and the rules need to be established to help guide this booming industry. Congress could create a pathway for hemp CBD oil and other CBD products and take them from being gray area hemp products to an industry powerhouse…

By Todd Runestad

Retiring Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., said on Tuesday that a rule-making process by the FDA to deal with the booming—and controversial—CBD market would take more than three years to complete, and the most efficient way to deal with marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin would be through legislation that would focus on CBD only.

We The People can do this too


Farm Bill still leaves CBD in limbo
The December 2018 passage of the Farm Bill made clear that Congress wants CBD to be available to the public—a piece of legislation that is at odds with both the federal FD&C Act as well as the modus operandi of drug-warrioring agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).


Another [option] would be for the agency to communicate a policy of not prioritizing enforcement with respect to CBD content, conditional on strict compliance with all other rules, such as facility registration, cGMP provision, and serious adverse events reporting, as legally exists for all other dietary supplements.

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