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CloverStrip CBD Review


CBD Oil Review rates The CloverStrip CBD Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

CloverStrip CBD: 60-Second Summary

Lakewood, Colorado-based Infinite prides itself on its clean, streamlined product: CBD isolate. (No oil – no problems?) The powdered substance is used to create a wide range of products for the company, including the unique and fun “beard flux,” which helps bring all the natural benefits of CBD oil to the underserved world of facial hair. Still, we were left searching for much in-depth information about the company itself or how Infinite CBD sources or extracts its cannabidiol isolate.


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CloverStrip CBD Brand Review

Clover Strip says it’s not CBD they have a problem with – it’s the often “messy” and unreliable methods used to deliver it, like CBD oil tinctures, which can spill or leak or contain different amounts of cannabidiol.

To combat this, the company has developed an easy and reliable way to bring CBD oil into the body: their CBD strips.

Placed under the tongue, the strips slowly dissolve, releasing a consistent 10mg of cannabidiol directly into the bloodstream. The ingestion process is sublingual, meaning users will typically feel the results of the cannabidiol quickly.

Still, it seems the company sticks to that streamlined aesthetic in all aspects of its ethos. Very little information is offered on the company itself, and we get nothing on where Clover Strip sources its hemp or how its CBD oil is extracted. There’s also no sign of third-party lab tests verifying the safety of the cannabidiol used in their products.

Clover Strip’s online store is also stripped down, with just four items on offer: Three different flavors of their CBD strips ($20 each) and a CBD oil vape pen, which retails for $40. We do get a bit of information about the ingredients involved, and while the vape oil seems safe, we do take some issue with the polysorbate 80 used in the line of dissolvable CBD strips. (Sorbitol is a natural emulsifier, but polysorbates are sorbitol treated with ethylene oxide, a noxious chemical. We typically try to call this ingredient out when we see it being used.)

Bottom line:  We appreciate Clover Strip’s desire to bring a product to the CBD oil market that offers a consistent and clean delivery method. But before we can award the company any more badges, we’d really like to see more information on a number of fronts. Where does Clover Strip source its hemp? How does the company extract its CBD oil? How do its product test at a third-party lab? And while we understand their general mission, we wouldn’t mind seeing some additional background information on Clover Strip itself.

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Badges For CloverStrip CBD

CloverStrip CBD Review

Mission Verified

Clover Strip hopes to make a product that delivers all the benefits of CBD oil with an easy, clean, consistent, and reliable method.



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CloverStrip CBD

CloverStrip CBD Review


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