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Many people impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s discovered great reduction
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Peripheral neuropathy is a generalized time period for illnesses that have an effect on the nerves outdoors the mind
or spinal wire. Harm to those nerves can specific as numbness, burning sensations, pins
and needles and/or sensory sensitivity (enhanced ache from warmth, chilly or contact). Neuropathic
ache is totally different from inflammatory ache as a result of it arises out of injury to the nervous system.
Illnesses that may trigger neuropathic ache embrace Parkinson’s illness, diabetes, shingles, MS,
or HIV. Chemotherapy remedy could cause neuropathic ache from the remedy’s damaging
nature, because the human physique loses cells alongside the most cancers cells. Neuropathy is troublesome to deal with;
it isn’t the direct results of irritation like that of a bodily damage or arthritis. If neuropathy
was the direct results of irritation responses, therapies like NSAIDs or steroids can be
efficient. Neuropathy from HIV or chemotherapy has poor medical outcomes when handled with
widespread prescription medicines: gabapentin, antidepressants, SSRI’s or opioids. (1-3)

To elucidate the neuropathic pain-relieving results of cannabis, let’s check out the outcomes of
human medical trials testing inhaled cannabis for HIV sensory neuropathy (HIV-SN).

1. Hashish in painful HIV-associated sensory neuropathy: A randomized placebo-
managed trial.

In 2007, UC San Francisco performed a examine testing inhaled cannabis’ pain-relieving results on
HIV-associated sensory neuropathy with 50 sufferers finishing the trial. The double blind,
placebo-controlled examine had randomly-assigned sufferers smoke 3.56% THC cannabis joints or
an identical placebo joints with zero THC. The topics ingested three pre-rolled joints (each day)
for 5 days. Smoked cannabis lowered each day ache by 34% with no critical hostile occasions
reported. After the primary smoked cannabis pre-roll, ache was initially lowered by a median of
72%, with an general each day ache discount of 34%.

LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17296917

2. Smoked medicinal cannabis for neuropathic ache in HIV: a randomized, crossover
medical trial.
In 2009, UC San Diego performed a double blind, placebo-controlled examine onHIV-SN-qualifying
sufferers who have been unresponsive to at the least two analgesics (gabapentin and opioids). Sufferers
continued utilizing normal remedy for his or her HIV-SN whereas including cannabis. Sufferers began at
4% THC after which titrated as much as 8% or right down to 1% THC based mostly on their tolerability to cannabis,
as decided by suggestions from the members. The 28 collaborating sufferers averaged 30%
general ache discount.

LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18688212

3. Hashish for peripheral neuropathy: The nice, the dangerous, and the unknown.

In 2015, an article in The Cleveland Clinic Journal of Drugs reviewing medical trials of human
cannabis use in treating neuropathic ache was printed, of which the 2 HIV-SN trials
talked about above are cited. The opposite trials included neuropathy from trauma, diabetes and
spinal wire damage. Each trial used inhaled whole-plant cannabis for measuring fast ache
reduction. The overview discovered that one out of each 5 sufferers handled with cannabis had a 30% ache
discount in neuropathic ache.

LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30526755

Hashish, as seen in human medical trials, is a promising remedy possibility for neuropathic ache
from HIV-related neuropathy. The researchers in these trials used THC-rich cannabis (with no
reported CBD content material), measuring a median ache discount of 30%. An growing variety of
power ache victims are turning to cannabis as a supply of ache reduction with fewer unintended effects
then various prescription choices. Whereas THC-only cannabis merchandise are efficient ache
relievers, optimum ache reduction usually comprises CBD, with a measurable synergistic pain-relieving
impact when mixed with THC (3). CBD-rich cannabis merchandise with low to average THC
content material might present higher long run remedy choices for power neuropathic ache. (3)


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