If you happen to thought that the federal authorities’s impending rules for cannabis edibles (just like the 10 mg THC restrict per bundle) have been dangerous sufficient, that’s obtained nothing on what Quebec plans to do. 

As certainly one of Canada’s extra anti- cannabis provinces, Quebec is now planning to ban edibles like cannabis-infused candies, jujubes, candies, confections, and desserts- all underneath the guise of creating edibles as unappealing to kids as potential.

However that begs the question- the place do you draw the road on what’s interesting to youngsters or not? Since kids usually are not the one ones that benefit from the kinds of merchandise being banned. I imply, who doesn’t like sweet and chocolate? This identical line of considering is what obtained menthol and different flavoured cigarettes banned in Canada a few years in the past. Following that logic, shouldn’t fruity and candy alcoholic drinks be banned additionally? In spite of everything, in case you drink an excessive amount of of these, they might really kill you- in contrast to cannabis edibles.

That may make you surprise if all the edibles in Quebec be required to be flavourless slop? Can’t make them too tasty, or youngsters may like them! Maybe Quebec will take a web page out of “Bertie Bott’s Each Flavour Beans” from Harry Potter, besides on this case, each single edible might be disgustingly flavoured, like earwax, booger, dust, rotten egg, cleaning soap, vomit, and even worse! Then once more, that is likely to be banned too since jelly beans can positively enchantment to youngsters.

As reported by the Canadian Press, “whether or not an edible cannabis product in all fairness thought of to be interesting to youngsters would rely upon numerous components together with its form, color, flavour, scent and the way it’s packaged, [according to] a federal authorities official final month.”

Quebec’s rules additionally ban the usage of meals components that might alter the style, aroma, and color of cannabis edibles. Whereas lots of people love the flavour and scent of cannabis, the prospect of getting solely cannabis-flavoured edibles are one other concern altogether. No matter occurred to shopper alternative and product selection?

On the finish of the day, the federal government says that it needs to gather that candy tax cash, take a dent out of the black market, and maintain kids secure (though you’d assume the duty of that ought to largely fall on the mother and father, proper?)- and their answer is creating authorized merchandise that enchantment to no person.

What sort of logic is that?!

Featured picture courtesy of Ezra Helps.

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