REDWOOD VALLEY, Calif. – Flow Kana, California’s quantity one particular promoting cannabis flower brand, announced the second installment of Flow Kana Restricted Edition unique releases – Pink Increase Goddess, a THCV-wealthy cultivar grown from seed by Emerald Spirit Botanicals in Mendocino County. This solution will be out there only even though supplies final in choose California dispensaries starting June 28.

The second release of Flow Kana Restricted Edition is Pink Increase Goddess – a THCV-wealthy cultivar from Emerald Spirit Botanicals. THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cannabinoid equivalent to THC and CBD. It is hardly ever identified in cannabis cultivars. Anecdotally, THCV-wealthy cultivars have gained an enthusiastic following of canna-isseurs who seek it out for its healing properties such as anxiousness-decreasing, appetite-suppressing, and common relaxed effects.


THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cannabinoid equivalent to THC and CBD. It is hardly ever identified in cannabis cultivars and thus has not but been effortlessly out there for investigation. Anecdotally, THCV-wealthy cultivars have gained an enthusiastic following of cannabis connoisseurs who seek it out for what has been claimed as anxiousness-decreasing, appetite-suppressing, and common relaxed effects.

“We think there is wonderful healing possible in sungrown flower that possesses this uncommon THCV cannabinoid and are honored to play a function in bringing this distinctive cultivar to market place,” mentioned Michael Steinmetz, Flow Kana CEO. “We are grateful for the farms, like Emerald Spirit Botanicals, who have prioritized maintaining this seed stock heritage alive via generations.”

“The Pink Increase Goddess plant is a lovely expression of how cannabis can completely express itself in its organic and undisrupted state. It is right here that correct plant medicine can be found,” mentioned Katie Jeane of Emerald Spirit Botanicals. “The seed lots for this project came to me from a generation of girls older than myself. It is significant to me to honor the older generations and ancestors of extended ago that have been breeding from intuition and observation, caring for seeds and bringing them forward via millennia.”

The Pink Increase Goddess cultivar is mentioned to offer you a joyous and uplifting impact that is powerful but not overpowering, with a nature-designed flavor profile that is strawberry sweet with a hint of mint, sweet cream, and rosewood. Lab reports indicate this is an Indica-dominant cultivar with THC at 18.7% and THCV/A at four.24%. Dominant terpenes contain β-caryophyllene (six.309 mg/g), β-myrcene (six.198 mg/g) and linalool (two.098 mg/g).

An incredibly restricted quantity of the Pink Increase Goddess cultivar will be out there as component of the Flow Kana Restricted Edition solution line and only out there at choose, regionally exclusive retailers starting on June 28 in Los Angeles at Sweet Flower, Exhale Med Center in San Diego at Urbn Leaf in Orange County at Haven, Bud and Bloom in Ojai at Sespe Creek Collective Seaside at Urbn Leaf in Oakland at Harborside in San Jose at Airfield Provide Company and Harborside and Sacramento at A Therapeutic Option (ATA) and Dixon Wellness Collective.

The Flow Kana Restricted Edition solution line attributes an ongoing series of micro-batch, sungrown, best-shelf, unique releases highlighting choose farms and cultivars in restricted quantities. When appropriately cultivated in an environmentally-accountable and holistic way, cannabis is a correct craft solution. Each and every farm, harvest, and plant can be extremely distinctive. Flow Kana Restricted Edition showcases these premier farms and their best-shelf cultivars all through the year.

Operating exclusively with an ecosystem of additional than 200 independent little craft farms in Northern California’s planet-renowned Emerald Triangle expanding area, Flow Kana is uniquely positioned to see and share correct craft sungrown cannabis flower in its purest type cultivated by master cannabis farmers.

All Flow Kana and Powered By Flow Kana cannabis merchandise are sourced from little independent farms that cultivate below complete sun, organically and in an eco-friendly manner. Flow Kana believes that the cannabis market has a tremendous duty to bring with each other little, diversified, regenerative farms functioning with centralization and connected via technologies to usher in the subsequent era of the world’s agricultural future.

About Emerald Spirit Botanicals
Striving to bring you the sweetness of the earth via a uncommon choice of 1:1 cannabis varieties, Emerald Spirit Botanicals is a certified organic household farm cultivating two acres of mixed vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs and saving seed. Their sustainable practices are paired with a spiritual point of view and scientific investigation to bring you deeply nourishing medicine. As a Sun+Earth Certified farm, they make sure that cannabis is grown below the sun, in the soil of mother earth devoid of chemical substances by pretty-paid farmers.

About Flow Kana
Flow Kana is the major sustainable provide chain organization and distributor of sungrown cannabis merchandise and solutions and quantity one particular promoting flower brand in California. Flow Kana partners with and offers scale to craft farmers in Northern California, who concentrate on beyond organic farming practices. The organization is quickly developing a socially and environmentally conscious provide chain for the cannabis market at big by providing a variety of merchandise, distribution and white label solutions to a assortment of licensed cannabis corporations who share the company’s values to offer shoppers with clean, compliant and sustainable merchandise via delivery to licensed retail operators all through California. For additional information and facts, please pay a visit to www.FlowKana.com.