Bernie Sanders Says He’d Legalize Pot Via Executive Order Higher Instances


Bernie Sanders desires to legalize cannabis if he is elected president. And he is not going to wait on Congress to do it.

The presidential hopeful stated this week that he would use an executive order to finish the federal prohibition on pot, reiterating his lengthy-standing opposition to the ban.

“When I ran for president for the Democratic nomination in 2016, I talked about a broken criminal justice technique, which ends up obtaining in the United States far more people today in jail than any other nation,” Sanders stated for the duration of an interview on the preferred podcast, “The Joe Rogan Encounter.” “And what I get in touch with for then, and I get in touch with for now, is the legalization of marijuana in America.”

When state and municipal governments across the United States have taken it upon themselves to legalize marijuana for recreational use—along with the far more than 30 states that permit it for medicinal purposes—cannabis remains illegal below the Controlled Substances Act, which locations pot in the exact same category as far far more strong drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Sanders told Rogan that such a distinction is “insane.”

“Heroin is a killer drug,” the Vermont senator stated. “You can argue the pluses and minuses of marijuana, but marijuana ain’t heroin. So we have to finish that and that is what I will do as President of the United States. I think we can do that by way of executive order and I will do that.”

Ending the prohibition on marijuana has gone from a fringe to mainstream position in American politics more than the final decade. Polling shows that developing numbers of voters help legalization, even though many of Sanders’ rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, also share the view. Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden, even so, has stopped brief of that, saying he is in favor of decriminalization but not outright legalization.

Sanders has been ahead of his fellow candidates on this challenge. In 2015, he introduced a bill in Congress to finish the federal ban on marijuana. The legislation, which had no cosponsors, in the end fizzled in the senate.

Sanders told Rogan that, below his strategy, men and women who have been busted for marijuana would have it expunged from their records, anything he noted is currently becoming carried out in some American cities.

“So if you have been arrested, have a criminal record for promoting marijuana, that is becoming expunged,” he stated. “And that is the ideal issue to do.”

But in spite of his help for the policy adjust, Sanders himself is not feeling the burn. The senator told Rogan that he “smoked marijuana a couple of times” and it “didn’t do a lot for me.”

“It produced me cough a complete lot, alright, but I collect other people today have had various experiences,” Sanders stated with a laugh.


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