Netflix and Chillum – Series You Can Binge with a Bong (We’re also such as Amazon Prime)


Netflix and Chillum – Series You Can Binge with a Bong (We’re also such as Amazon Prime)

With so a lot of factors to see, what are the most effective new shows you can binge and bong? For these of you out there searching for a new series to consume, now we’re going to be taking a appear at two of the largest streaming platforms and what they have obtainable in terms of content material.


This list will not especially showcase series that are connected to cannabis, but rather requires a closer appear at the “entertainment value” for stoners. Of course, as with all lists, this 1 is subjective so if you do not see one thing you think should really be on this list…do us all a favor and post it in the comments.


How a lot of occasions are we sifting by means of thousands of choices just not figuring out what to watch? Luckily, for you, now we are going to be remedying that. So let’s get this celebration began!


The Boys – Amazon Prime (Season two in the Creating)


What if super heroes have been cunts? Properly, with “The Boys” we get to see that version of the story. This series is ultra-violent and offers with some seriously dark subjects. From corporate corruption, government cover-ups and homicidal super heroes, “The Boys” is 1 of these jewels I hope will continue to make content material season immediately after season.


Marvel has provided us a lot of decent super hero films and series, on the other hand, “The Boys” brings in the ‘real factor’ in terms of what would genuinely take place if Super Heroes existed. A lot more importantly, it is a genius critique on celebrity-ism, government and corporate corruption and how “collateral damage” is an accepted term in relation to human life.

If you haven’t checked out “The Boys”, do your self a favor and watch that shit suitable now!


GLOW – Netflix (Season three)


The Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling is a jewel in its personal suitable. If you haven’t observed this show however, do your self a favor and get started it up. With a lot of colorful characters, properly-written dialogue and a strong plotline, this is 1 of these shows that just tends to make you really feel superior.


This previous week they released Season three providing you 36 episodes of pure gold to binge and bong this weekend. Verify out GLOW if you are into Comedy and Dramas.


Great Omens – Prime (Season 1)


David Tennant, who arguably is 1 of the most effective Medical doctor Who’s in history stars alongside Michael Sheen. The standard storyline – A demon and an Angel pair up to cease the apocalypse from taking place when the Anti-Christ is born. It is only six episodes lengthy, which means it will almost certainly only consume up a day of your life, but it is unquestionably worth it.


Season two has been authorized so we can unquestionably count on to see some additional of this odd-duo pair up to face the hordes of each heaven and hell.

Light a spliff and love the ride!


Casa de Papel (three Seaons) Netflix


This Spanish thriller will have you on the edge of your seat as a group of criminals sack the national Mint in Spain with the notion of printing out a substantial quantity of money and generating their dashing escape. The strategy was great, but individuals are not.


If you like heist films and the likes, Casa de Papel is almost certainly 1 of the most effective ones I have ever observed. Confident, it is in Spanish, but each character is properly-created, the tension and conflict resolution is best-notch and it is 1 of the most effective ideas for a heist of all time.


There have been related requires on this idea, on the other hand Casa de Papel is unquestionably 1 of these shows you just have to watch suitable now!


Orange is the New Black (Final Season) Netflix


This is not a new show by far, but the final season has been released. If you like shows about prison, Orange is the New Black is a much less violent depiction of the HBO classic – OZ. Except, it offers with a women’s prison.


There are seven seasons to binge if you have under no circumstances observed it. The characters of this show will pull at your heartstrings and the conclusion of the final season unquestionably was on point. Spectacular writing, robust character arcs and some superior ol’ drama and comedy will make you shed sleep for days.


Certainly verify this 1 out!


The Tick – Amazon Prime (two Seasons)


Ultimately, we go to our favourite blue guy – The Tick – and his sidekick Arthur as they stand up against injustice though discovering their heroic selves. The Tick is a funny critique about super hero shows and is just a exciting issue to watch. Sadly, it only has two seasons, but each seasons are unquestionably worth your time.


Grab that bong, sit back and watch how The Tick and Arthur combat villains in the most hilarious strategies.


The Finish!


I have so a lot of other shows I’d like to add to this list, but for now we’ll leave it at this. If you have been to watch all of the content material on this list, it would take you weeks or even months to finish it all. If you haven’t observed a show on this list – You are Welcome!


If you have observed them all…perhaps going outdoors and obtaining some sunshine may possibly be a much better choice. Nonetheless, I’ll be updating this list at the finish of the year with some additional amazing shows coming quickly.


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