Our View: If there are going to be stark contrasts in between pot pros and cons, we ought to be in a position to see it right here | Opinion


Perhaps the existing level of acceptance of the cannabis trade is as it really should be: dependent on the values of the majority of constituents, as neighborhood politicians gauge it.

So: all in for the city of Marysville all out for everywhere else in the Yuba-Sutter region.

It is going to be hit or miss, confusing, clumsy for a although … but so be it.

Marysville leaders have an attitude toward cannabis unique from all other government bodies in the region that we know of. In Marysville, healthcare marijuana dispensaries had been lengthy-ago accepted (in the course of the depths of Marysville’s economic crisis). A lot of individuals looked at the city’s selection to permit two dispensaries to be licensed (and taxed) merely as a economic move.

But it continues. Perhaps it is extra than just economic … possibly leaders do not perceive a moral dilemma.

But leaders make no bones about the income supply.

Marysville council members extra not too long ago authorized a cannabis testing facility in the city. Some council members are in favor of pursuing a transform in city ordinances to permit for adult-use recreational sales and mobile deliveries.

Council member Bill Simmons stated creating income and development for the city ideas the scales. He stated in a current report that it is not a moral concern for him. Council members as a entire will have to think income and moving Marysville away from the economic abyss is on leading of their constituents minds.

Morality? Marysville officials look to go as far as upholding and obeying the laws. Provided that, they see it as a enterprise selection.

Other entities – Yuba City, Reside Oak, each county governments – have taken a “wait-and-see attitude” or have flat-out rejected any neighborhood activity that is not expressly permitted by state law. That will have to be from the belief that cannabis is nevertheless undesirable for society for the reason that they certainly see the advantage that licensing could supply in the way of income.

Yuba County Supervisor Randy Fletcher, representing the foothills, exactly where illegal marijuana grows and all their complications and dangers preserve popping up, is in favor of banning weed altogether from the county.

And he stated he’s merely following the desires of constituents. 

When Marysville officials speak largely of the income potentials of week, Fletcher raises the issues more than the expenses of weed – these illegal grows and the possible for extra individuals driving and operating in harmful circumstances although higher.

Wait and see? It could take a although, but sooner or later, if there are going to be stark contrasts, we’ve set the stage quite properly to see – Marysville’s attitude versus the rest of Yuba-Sutter’s attitude.

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