Do not Blame Mass Shootings on Cannabis Legalizations


Do not Blame The Mass Shootings On Cannabis Legalization

Right after the horrific mass shootings that just occurred in Ohio and Texas, the final point we require is a politician pointing fingers at cannabis.


But that is precisely what Ohio Rep. Candice Keller did: she went on Facebook to slam liberals for gun violence. Keller, who hails from Middleton, Ohio, just half an hour away from the internet site of the shootings, took a low-cost shot and went on to blame recreational cannabis legalization for the tragedy.


“The breakdown of the standard American household (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates) fatherlessness, a topic no 1 discusses or believes is relevant the ignoring of violent video games the relaxing of laws against criminals (open borders) the acceptance of recreational marijuana failed college policies (hello, parents who defend misbehaving students): disrespect to law enforcement (thank you, Obama),” reads Keller’s post.


Keller, who is nothing at all brief of notorious for her controversial (albeit tactless) comments, naturally received backlash for opening her mouth in such a way.


“Those folks are not even buried but and she came out with these comments… She ought to resign due to the fact she does not represent our celebration,” mentioned Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones to the Journal News. He, as properly as other folks, have referred to as for her resignation. “She does not represent me, she does not represent our neighborhood, she does not represent the state or the nation,” he explains.


Bigotry Everywhere


Even even though the federal government has been tolerant of the United States’ experimentations with legalizing cannabis, each for medicinal and for recreational purposes, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is not obtaining any of it.


They have created it clear that healthcare marijuana individuals will not be permitted to personal guns everyone who has an MMJ card, or who has been charged of illegal cannabis possession, cannot personal guns.


And even if you are not providing guns to cannabis customers, you are absolutely feeding the Drug War, and we all know that it is not functioning.


The Drug War is causing deaths, even though legalizing cannabis is saving lives. If you do not think us, just appear at the study.


There’s an exciting current study carried out by economists and a criminologist, namely Floris Zoutman, Evelina Gavrilova, and Takuma Kamada, on the effect of healthcare marijuana laws and crime.


“We examine the effects of healthcare marijuana laws (MMLs) on crime… Employing information from the Uniform Crime Reports, we show that the introduction of MMLs lead to a lower of 12.five % in violent crime, such as homicides, aggravated assaults and robberies in states that border Mexico. We also show that the reduction in violent crimes is strongest for counties close to the border (significantly less than 350km)… Evaluation from the Supplementary Homicide Reports information reveals that the lower in homicides can largely be attributed to a drop in drug-law associated homicides. We find proof for spillover effects. When an inland state passes a MML, this benefits in a lower in crime in the nearest border state. Our benefits are constant with the theory that the introduction of MMLs reduces activity by Mexican drug trafficking organizations and their affiliated gangs in the border area. MMLs expose drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) to reputable competitors, and substantially lower their profits in 1 of their most profitable drug markets. This leads to a lower in drug associated crime in the Mexican border region. Our benefits indicate that decriminalization of the production and distribution of drugs may possibly lead to a reduction in violence in markets exactly where organized drug criminals meet licit competitors,” reads the study abstract.


What they are attempting to say is that, if you legalize drugs, violent crime will lower.


That is just 1 study, even though there’s much more exactly where it came from.


Yet another study, this time focused on California, discovered that house and violent crime decreased 20% because the state legalized cannabis for healthcare use. In reality, Los Angeles and other significant cities see much more cannabis dispensaries than McDonalds or Starbucks.

There are quite a few theories as to why this occurs: for 1, legalizing the drug may possibly lower the black marketplace as properly as the violence that happens inside its circles. Yet another cause why this occurs is also due to the fact police sources are much more allocated to deterring crime alternatively of enforcing drug laws. Then there are research proving that dispensaries deter crime.


We could go on with supporting statistics, but the truth of the matter is very simple: neither drag queen advocates nor cannabis has something to do with mass shootings. Politicians like Keller ought to alternatively appear at gun laws and come across approaches to repair the concern.









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