Dosist Does not Care About Bringing Cannabis to the Masses


This spring, Dosist became the only cannabis brand with two of its extremely personal storefronts in Los Angeles—but do not get in touch with it a cannabis brand. Identified for its sleek, colour-coded pens that vibrate when you have inhaled a complete “dose” of THC-infused vapor, the brand opened a second retail place on W. Third Street in Fairfax to attain a clientele east of the Abbot Kinney flagship place.

Even the greenest (by which we imply newest) cannabis user will not be intimidated or overwhelmed by the Dosist purchasing practical experience. The achromatic, minimalist-as-hell shop is stocked exclusively with the six varieties of Dosist pens, every single of which is named following the state the user would ideally like to obtain: bliss, calm, sleep, arouse (which probably must be arousal?), passion, and relief. Though MedMen’s retail outposts drew comparisons to the Apple Shop, Dosist has been referred to as “the Starbucks of cannabis.”

Just prior to the opening of the newer of the two places, CEO Gunner Winston mentioned that though cannabis is undoubtedly their biz, Dosist is a “wellness” brand 1st and foremost. We talked to him about setting up shop (occasions two) in L.A. (This interview has been edited for length and clarity.)

So you went from the New York finance planet to the California cannabis space. Is it just completely unique? How did you adjust?

It is funny, for the reason that for me, a lot of the people today who are in CEO seat for quote/unquote cannabis providers, even although we are definitively a wellness business, have historically been plant connoisseurs. What inspired me about Dosist had nothing at all to do with the actual cannabis market. It was for the reason that Dosist was transcending the cannabis market. That is what the greatest brands do. They do not permit you to place them in a box. Like would you ever get in touch with Apple a customer electronics business? Would you definitely get in touch with Starbucks a coffee business? No, that is Folgers or Radio Shack. Our narrative due to the fact ahead of I began, is to empower people today to naturally handle their wellness and happiness. And no time in that mission did we mention mainstreaming cannabis, bringing cannabis to the masses, but we do think that cannabis is a superb all-natural option and dose manage can assistance handle your personal happiness naturally.

So, for me, the connection among finance and cannabis was a tiny bit unique, for the reason that it wasn’t joining a weed business.

Apart from not becoming a plant connoisseur, you have mentioned you are not a major cannabis either, suitable?

No. It is funny,…

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