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Anything worth getting is worth waiting for. A smooth, flavorful, cannabis smoke sesh is a fantastic instance of that. In truth, a slow and steady curing course of action is generally the distinction amongst a straightforward sack of weed and some premium type bud. But how lengthy should really cannabis be cured immediately after harvest to offer the excellent smoke? To answer this query, we have to dive a small deeper into the fundamentals of curing marijuana.


Why Wait to Remedy Your Cannabis?


Curing cannabis is a slow, controlled drying course of action that enables excess moisture and other harsh compounds to escape the plant with out compromising the integrity of vital compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids. Appropriately cured cannabis is much more potent and flavorful, and simpler on the lungs thanks to the slow release of unnecessary sugars and starches.

Appropriately cured cannabis bud is much more potent, flavorful, and has a longer shelf life.

To be certain, curing cannabis does not imply just drying it out. Just hanging weed out to dry with out adequately curing it afterwards can lead to the buds to dry unevenly, trapping harsh chlorophyll and ceasing cannabinoid production. Certainly, the really ideal weed is usually tended to nicely immediately after harvest with a cautious trim and a slow, steady remedy. When adequately cured, cannabis buds are not only much more potent and flavorful, but they also have a longer shelf life. That is simply because curing cannabis removes moisture and bacteria that may possibly lead to the cannabis to spoil or create mold. In truth, nicely-cured cannabis is secure for consumption for up to six months or much more. Weed that has not been sufficiently cured can create mold in as small as a couple of days. As soon as buds show indicators of mold or mildew (generally noticeable by the scent), they have to be tossed lest they lead to overall health troubles. 

When discussing curing, it is vital to note that not all cannabis strains are designed equal, nor are the environments in which they develop. Aspects such as these can alter regular remedy instances and have to be accounted for when figuring out time to market place (or time to smoke for individual grows). For instance, an typical remedy time could only take a couple of weeks, it could take a couple of months, or it could anyplace in amongst. Moreover, the only 1 who gets to determine how lengthy a remedy will take is the bud itself, not the facilities eager to turn a profit.


Cannabis Curing Very best Practices


There are numerous variables that identify how lengthy a cannabis remedy will take – the density of the bud, the humidity of its curing atmosphere, the measures taken in the curing course of action – so there is no definitive answer to the query “how lengthy should really a suitable cannabis remedy take?” In truth, the curing course of action could take anyplace from 3 or 4 weeks to 3 or 4 months. Even though buds are “smokable” immediately after a quick two-week remedy, holding off for at least a couple of much more weeks is completely worth it.

To discover much more about the cannabis curing course of action which includes the history of curing and step-by-step guidelines for curing cannabis like a pro, verify out this post.

Primarily, when curing cannabis, the longer, the superior. That is simply because the curing course of action aids bring out the flavors, scents, and cannabinoid profiles of the flower. Primarily, the longer the buds remedy in their controlled environments, the superior high quality they will be. When in doubt, give it one more week at least. It is also vital to only remedy cannabis that is sufficiently dried. Attempting to remedy wet cannabis can lead to mildew. If the stems snap rather of bending, they are prepared to remedy. If not, do not attempt it.


How to Inform If Your Weed Has Been Appropriately Cured


Cannabis legalization has brought about an array of premium cannabis merchandise, but it has also inspired “quantity more than quality” mentality amongst numerous marijuana distributors. Organizations eager to turn a profit may possibly rush the curing course of action or use sub-par production. Even though most dispensaries will swear up-and-down that their bud is the ideal bud, it is up to you, the customer, to determine for oneself.

hanging weed

Some dispensaries reduce corners in the curing course of action which is not only unpalatable, but harmful.

A single fantastic way to inform if cannabis is cured appropriately is by its texture. High-quality cannabis should really be sticky and spongy and should really break apart quickly with out crumbling. Buds that really feel wet or these that require to be pulled apart most likely include as well a great deal moisture suggesting that the flowers had been not sufficiently cured just before hitting the shelves. Conversely, bud that crumbles amongst your fingers is as well dry and most likely the remnants of final season’s stash. If your budtender shows you weed like this, do not get it.

Also, cannabis should really have a pleasant scent. Excellent weed is generally fruity or floral (and largely determined by its terpene profile), whereas bunk weed may possibly smell like musk or mildew (an indication that it is as well wet) or else it may possibly smell like hay (indicating it is as well dry). Buds like these can lead to excessive abrasion along the airways due to trapped chlorophyll, residual nutrients, or mold spores. Subsequent, take a appear at the bud’s colour. Deep greens could imply that excess chlorophyll is nonetheless present in the flowers though brown buds could imply they had been more than dried or dried out as well immediately. Alternatively, premium cannabis should really be vibrant green and function numerous many colour hues which includes reds, purples, oranges and blues.


Important Takeaways


They usually say not to rush a very good issue. Turns out, “they” had been completely proper. Rushing the cannabis curing course of action can drop the high quality of cannabis to a harsh, flavorless level. In truth, improper curing is not only unpalatable, but it can be downright harmful taking into consideration the danger of mildew and other unhealthy elements.

If you develop and harvest your personal marijuana, usually remedy your cannabis adequately just before smoking it. If you acquire from a dispensary or other supply, even though, you will have to do a small detective function to identify if your bud was cured adequately or not. But as soon as you discover how to distinguish high quality buds from these that are rushed out the door, you will set oneself up for a premium cannabis encounter each and every time. 

Do you have any ideas to identify if buds are adequately cured? We’d adore to hear them. 


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