Kentucky Gov. Thinks Legal Weed Will Lead to Homelessness & Illness



The marijuana legalization movement has swelled into such a monstrous figure as of late, attracting the assistance of lawmakers, governors and even Democratic presidential candidates, that we in some cases discover ourselves a bit taken back when one particular of these people today begins spewing reefer madness.

We usually overlook that there was when a day when preferred opinion, specifically amongst these who make our laws, was that the legalization or even the acceptance of marijuana would lead to such a crippling of the nation that we’d all inevitably finish up in the hottest hell when the wonderful alien in the sky beared down. The cannabis plant was evil, or so they mentioned, the root to a new planet Babylonia, a dark society exactly where our mothers and sisters would be pimped out on the streets for nickel bags although drug-addled fathers and sons watched every single despicable moment in a pool of junkie filth.

But instances have changed due to the fact the days when marijuana was akin to Revelations, and now most of America is in favor of legalization. The population found more than the decades that all of the white bread horror tales coming from the people today operating this nation with concern to marijuana was just a load of bull. Now, around 65% of the nation supports the thought of marijuana becoming legalized like alcohol and tobacco. So, think about our surprise to find out that Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is employing tired spiels to convince the voters that legal weed is not worth it.

Just final week Bevin did an interview with the radio station WKDZ out of Cadiz to go over some of the problems the state is facing. It was there that the Republican went on a complete-blown tirade about how he does not assistance marijuana legalization for the reason that he believes it will lead to an uprising in homelessness, improved emergency space visits and extra illness. Not only does he assume that legal weed is not a viable choice for the Bluegrass State, but he also does not see it as the remedy to paying down the state’s $60 billion pension debt. Pot would be extra problems than a advantage, he indicated.

“Look at the homelessness, appear at the increases in their emergency rooms, appear at the difficulties they have with law enforcement of bordering states,” Bevin mentioned of Colorado’s recreational marijuana law. “Look at the quantity of illness and issues that have spiked up as a outcome of people today who are coming for the truth that they can smoke pot legally. Does that imply everyone who’s involved in that has these difficulties? No. But lots of of them do. So we have unfavorable issues to counter as effectively.”

Bevin’s comments on legal marijuana and homelessness are exciting thinking about that Donald Burnes, founder of the Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness at the University of Denver, mentioned back in 2017 that homelessness has not increased in Colorado as a outcome of legalization. It is not that homeless people today are not moving to the state for the reason that there is legal weed, but the group just tends to make up such a modest percentage that it is hardly a issue.

“The numbers of (homeless) people today from out of state has remained somewhat constant… even decreasing in 2016 from 2012,” Burnes mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that Bevin by no means clarified what illness would spread as a outcome of legal marijuana.

When it comes to employing a taxed and regulated cannabis market place to trim the deficit in the pension technique, Bevin didn’t act like he’s ever entertained that as an choice. He just does not think Kentuckians can smoke adequate weed to seriously make it count.

“Everybody in Kentucky would need to have to smoke pot for the subsequent 600 years,” he mentioned. “And no one particular is permitted to retire in the subsequent 600 years or permitted to incur any extra interest or any extra liability, and then in 600 years of pot smoking, if we did certainly allocate 100% of the dollars, then we would now have adequate dollars to fund what we owe now in 2019.

“It’s not a critical remedy,” he added. “It’s not even a remedy at all. It is a ridiculous proposal.”

Certainly, attempting to whittle down the state’s pension liability with legal marijuana alone is a stretch. So far, no Kentucky lawmaker has come out and mentioned that marijuana would enable recoup the complete wad. Even so, most of these in favor of legalization assume the additional supply of revenue wouldn’t hurt. Some predict Kentucky could see $100 million in annual marijuana tax income from legalization. Not to mention the creation of tens of thousands of jobs and a substantial increase to regional and state economies. But when taking into account the societal tax that it would need to have to hold the homeless from taking more than, as effectively as filling hospital ER’s with pot overdose victims and controlling the outbreak of illness, the state would hardly advantage at all from a pot tax.  

“If we all wanted to gamble and smoke pot at the exact same time, it would nonetheless be 200 years, just to earn the dollars we currently owe now,” he told the radio station. “These are not critical options.”

Effectively, Bevin went from it taking 600 years to repair the pension issue with a legal marijuana technique to 200 years. We guess that is progress. While you will have to forgive us for not trusting his math. Any income toward a debt is greater than nothing at all. Additionally, it does seem that marijuana legalization could be portion of the lengthy term remedy. Based on tax allocations, it appears affordable that the pension debt could be lessened substantially, if not paid off, inside the subsequent decade.

Bevin is not entirely opposed to marijuana legalization. In February, he mentioned that he would assistance legislation developed to develop a statewide healthcare marijuana plan. He told the attendees of a neighborhood forum that he witnessed initially-hand how medicinal cannabis helped his teenage nephew in the course of “a extremely really hard battle with cancer.”

But Bevin, who thinks lawmakers must discover weed as an option to opioids, also mentioned his assistance of such a bill would be contingent on how it was written.

Kentucky’s sufferers “should have the capability to use a organic drug that exists to supply relief… when it is necessary, exactly where it can be prescribed and regulated as we would other such drugs,” he mentioned.

At the time, Bevin maintained that the state must not even look at “trying to financially capitalize on the healthcare demands of any one in our population.” So as far as recreational use is concerned, it is off the table. “There’s not a possibility that I would sign a legalization of recreational marijuana,” he mentioned.

This ultra-conservative attitude has not helped his political profession. A recent poll shows that Bevin is the “most unpopular governor” in America. He could finish up losing to Democratic gubernatorial challenger Andy Beshear later this year, which could possibly be greater for the marijuana movement beginning in 2020. Beshear, who serves as the state’s Lawyer Common, said earlier this year that “no one particular who is caught basically possessing marijuana must ever go to jail, or must ever go to prison.”

Beshear supports the legalization of healthcare marijuana.

Inform US, does your state have legal cannabis?


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