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Written By: Marguerite Arnold

Luxembourg Throws Down Gauntlet On European Cannabis Legalization

Luxembourg is going to disrupt the European cannabis business. This summer time, Luxembourg ‘s Overall health Minister confirmed that the nation is now moving even more rapidly toward complete cannabis legalization and plans to release its initially draft of plans for legalization by the finish of 2019. If this project stays on schedule, Luxembourg will have Europe’s initially completely legal recreational cannabis industry by the starting of 2022. So now the race starts. If Luxembourg is going to be the “Colorado of Europe”, who will be the “Washington State”, or even the “California” of European cannabis?

A Domestic Industry For Locals Or A Tourist Mecca?

Luxembourg is clearly intent on setting the recreational cannabis agenda across the continent. And when excitement is increasing, investments have been slow, for the reason that there are challenges.

Yes, Luxembourg has decided to drive the cannabis agenda, which signifies raising this problem to the EU level and developing a deadline. Having said that, there are a couple of factors business investors must hold in thoughts:

  1. Luxembourg itself is a tiny nation with just more than half a million residents.
  2. The cannabis legalization strategy so far is getting pitched as an anti-crime, public well being measure. Attracting throngs of cannabis infused vacationers (and their piles of cannabis infused revenue) is not on the agenda.
  3. Although international cannabucks are welcome there is an growing sense that international investors are not the only game in town. Nearby production and neighborhood ownership are on the drawing board.

What Will The Industry Appear Like?

There has been alot of back and forth consulting among Luxembourg and Canada. Regulatory similarities ( like a proposal to limit individual possession to 30 grams, identical as in Canada) are starting to emerge. Count on a push to enable health-related cannabis individuals to develop their personal medicine, when recreational customers will have to invest in weed at the shop. For some purpose, the cannabis hates the notion of individuals getting permitted to develop their personal weed, even although individuals can make their personal beer however industrial beer makers are performing fine. The fight, er, discussion about just who will have the ideal to generate cannabis is just starting.

The game is in the early stages, and the players are just receiving warmed up. But Luxembourg has announced the beginnings of a strategy and set a deadline. As the dominoes get started to fall, we wonder: Which nation will be subsequent?

Written By: Marguerite Arnold


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