Negative/allergic reaction to an edible? Cannot inform : Marijuana


This is a bit of niche post so I am going to crosspost this to r/FoodAllergies as effectively. TLDR at bottom

Background information: I’ve never ever had an edible ahead of this. I (F 22) reside in Colorado so you know, most persons my age have. I am not super into like weed culture or what ever but I’ve smoked ahead of (from a joint, from a bong, and from a vape pen) and have not had any adverse reactions, but they had been handful of and far in between. I never smoke frequently. The boy I’ve been seeing believed it would be exciting to take edibles, so we planned to make dinner, get higher, and go to an art gallery with a new exhibition with art persons produced although on drugs. We produced shrimp pasta and about 20min ahead of consuming we every took a 10mg gummy (in all probability my 1st error). Later I looked up some suggestions on edibles and it mentioned that 1st time customers should really only take in in between .5mg and 5mg, so.

Anyway, although we had been consuming I felt my throat closing up, but like not so substantially that I could not breathe (but sufficient to make me lightheaded in about 30min time). I told my boy and he generally was like “never be concerned no one particular has ever overdosed on marijuana.” Thanks boy, I know that, and I also know a person who is allergic to marijuana.

I began feeling a small dizzy/light-headed and I believe I linked the dizziness with nausea as I went to the bathroom just in case, but I never ever threw up or even had dry heaves. On the other hand, all the blood drained from my face (I have extremely naturally flushed cheeks and lips and I swear I was actually pale as a sheet). I believe at this point I had severely low blood stress, as I got very dizzy even sitting up (overlook standing). I also felt very chilled. I began possessing intense tremors and shaking all more than my physique. My physique was regularly spasming more than and more than and more than once more and it took intense concentration/work to quit it even for a smaller quantity of time. My boy ultimately helped me move to the bed exactly where I stayed, spasming, for a couple hours ahead of passing out for 12 hours. The subsequent morning I woke up frequently feeling like shit and had a horrible headache. I took a shower and then went back to bed till like 3pm.

Even though I was possessing my reaction, I was intermittently hunting up symptoms for panic/anxiousness attack symptoms (bc I know marijuana can result in these) and other poor reactions to marijuana, but it was extremely challenging for me to concentrate. Later I looked up symptoms for anaphylactic shock. Most persons who stated possessing an allergy to marijuana stated stuff like hives, rash, runny nose, sneezing, and so on, which clearly did not apply to my scenario. Most panic attack / anxiousness attack descriptions talked about emotional symptoms I did not expertise. Emotionally, I felt fine the entire time. I wasn’t truly worried or panicking, I was additional annoyed at the continual shaking. Most symptom descriptions for anaphylactic shock also incorporated skin reactions and other issues that I did not expertise like vomit, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. AND nowhere did I uncover descriptors for the continual shaking and tremors I was experiencing.

Offered the situations, I believe it really is affordable to conclude that either I was possessing a poor reaction to marijuana, an allergic reaction to marijuana, OR an allergic reaction to the shrimp, having said that I have no history of a shellfish allergy. But as a mixed race adult lady I am additional prone than typical (study adult white male) to building allergies later in life, so it really is not unreasonable to believe it was an allergic reaction.

TLDR Under no circumstances had edibles ahead of and not a frequent user, took a 10mg edible and had shrimp pasta, throat closed up, got very dizzy, blood drained from face, got chills, got tremors and uncontrollable shaking, then passed out for 12hrs and woke up feeling shitty. Negative reaction to edible or allergic reaction? Cannot inform


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