UC Davis Partners With DEA-Authorized Enterprise to Conduct Cannabis Study


Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have partnered with a federally compliant pharmaceutical enterprise to analyze the chemical and biological profiles of cannabis for the advantage of law enforcement, wellness care providers and scientific specialists.  

The agreement with Biopharmaceutical Study Enterprise, which is registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, is amongst the 1st of its sort. UC Davis and BRC researchers will analyze legally acquired cannabis components in BRC’s labs to fully grasp the chemical composition of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, cannabidiol or CBD, and other cannabinoids. There will be no cannabis on the UC Davis campus or any UC Davis-owned or leased house as component of this study.

“While cannabis is currently obtainable for medicinal and recreational use in a majority of states, cannabis study has extended struggled to hold pace with the law,” mentioned Gail Taylor, professor and chair of the Division of Plant Sciences at UC Davis. “We anticipate this partnership to bring additional scientific understanding of the plant and its solutions so that regulators can additional properly handle possible dangers and advantages.” A lot more specifics of the project group can be found here.

UC Davis and BRC researchers will evaluate current chemistry approaches to analyze cannabis and recognize the most precise, correct and reproducible approaches for standardization, working with diverse Cannabis sativa.  In addition, researchers will investigate the interactions involving cannabis and microbes, pests and pathogens to establish crop management methods that shield the atmosphere. 

Researchers think that with a much better scientific understanding of cannabis, government authorities will be in a position to additional properly regulate the substance, and wellness care providers will be in a position to uncover possible new treatment options and boost its prescribing practices.

“BRC was founded on the mission of examining how cannabis can properly be applied to enable individuals across America, specifically veterans struggling with depression, post-traumatic tension, chronic discomfort and other wartime wounds,” mentioned George Hodgin, founder and CEO of BRC.  “The BRC group is eager to assistance UC Davis in this study endeavor, and to enable lawmakers and regulators much better fully grasp the science of cannabis, so stakeholders can additional properly make policy and wellness choices.”

UC Davis to launch Cannabis and Hemp Study Center

Study connected to cannabis is not new to UC Davis. As a leader in agriculture, plant science and veterinary medicine, with a prime-ranked healthcare center, UC Davis has an comprehensive study infrastructure in location that is delivering insight connected to cannabis production, applications for use and social implications.

In order to leverage these strengths and market transdisciplinary collaborations, UC Davis is establishing a Cannabis and Hemp Study Center.

“The center will stimulate new study and educational exchange by convening conferences and seminars, delivering seed funding and engaging with policymakers,” mentioned Cindy Kiel, executive associate vice chancellor for study administration for the Workplace of Study. “It will also give a centralized resource to assure compliance with present laws and policies.”

UC Davis plans to officially launch the center this year and has initiated the method to recognize two faculty co-directors.


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