Cannabis and Qualified Sports: A Expanding Connection


As cannabis consumption moves into the mainstream, we are promptly discovering how qualified athletes do not merely like cannabis, they need to have it – for its wonderful medicinal and therapeutic properties. An post from Stamford Advocate lays out the image:

Lots of cannabis investors will currently have noticed the current move by football good, Joe Montana, into the cannabis sector. Stamford Advocate notes some lesser-recognized names that have also entered the cannabis business enterprise: Al Harrington (NBA) and Riley Cote (NHL).

A single of the customer groups most interested in buying these cannabis goods is qualified athletes.

There’s no query that athletes, as a group, face substantial well being issues. Extra than 40 % of retired NFL players show indicators of traumatic brain injury, according to investigation presented by the American Academy of Neurology. And for lots of former players, injuries of all sorts on the field, the court, or the ice imply living with chronic discomfort — at times along with addiction from the drugs they had been provided to hold winning. A study in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine final year located that 26 % of NFL players who’d been prescribed opioid painkillers throughout their careers had been taking the drugs soon after leaving the sport — 14 % as directed by their medical doctors, and 12 % misusing them.

Motivated by this, Cote has carried out a lot more than merely commence his personal cannabis business enterprise. He has also cofounded an advocacy group for former qualified athletes: Athletes for Care.

Cote encourages other athletes to believe of cannabis as each a therapy and a business enterprise chance. “This is all for the higher superior of all men and women,” he says. “So why not hop on the bandwagon and be a aspect of it in some capacity? Use your ability set. It does not matter what you are superior at you can intersect that with the cannabis space and healing.” [emphasis mine]

Whilst mindless media scribes and clueless politicians continue to regard cannabis as some sort of harmful drug, back in the genuine globe, cannabis only tends to make peoples’ lives much better – which includes elite athletes. And it is not just former athletes who want cannabis in their lives.

As The Seed Investor consistently reminds investors, cannabinoids (the active components in the cannabis plant) are made naturally inside the human physique. They are important to advertising and preserving human well being.

For this cause, it should really surprise no a single that qualified athletes obtain that cannabis not only improves their coaching (consumed prior to a exercise), it aids in their post-exercise recovery.

In that sense, cannabis could be regarded “a functionality enhancing drug”. Having said that, the huge distinction in between cannabis and chemical substances like steroids is that cannabis is a fully all-natural substance that only aids functionality indirectly – merely by usually enhancing the well being of the customer.

Meanwhile, each the NFL and NHL players’ unions are officially studying the function of cannabis in discomfort management. The NFL is openly taking into consideration altering League policies on cannabis usage.

Cannabis + qualified sports.

Only a couple of years ago (when cannabis ignorance nevertheless reigned supreme), that connection would finish the careers of qualified athletes – or at least attract big penalties from governing bodies. Right now, there is a expanding realization that cannabis and qualified sports is a all-natural partnership, soon after and throughout the careers of qualified athletes.

There is an apparent message for cannabis investors right here.

If cannabis use can each strengthen the functionality of wholesome qualified athletes and (significantly) relieve lots of of the health-related difficulties for injured athletes, it can do the very same for every person.

No wonder that cannabis is steadily becoming a new customer tradition amongst Americans. As cannabis stock valuations presently sit in a deep trough, this offers investors however a different point of view on the tremendous worth proposition right here.


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