Yup, that plague.

Thousands of Phish fans arranging to camp out throughout the band’s 3 consecutive Colorado concert dates more than Labor Day weekend will be left out in the cold, due to fears of a prospective bubonic plague outbreak.

Yes, you study that ideal. According to the Denver Post, quite a few instances of the plague have been found in fleas and prairie dogs living (and dying) in the dirt lots adjacent to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Centennial City, exactly where Phish is scheduled to carry out subsequent week. To make confident that the jam band revelers do not head property with a fresh case of Black Death, nearby wellness officials have cordoned off the dirt parking lots. 

“It was fairly substantially determined that we required to not be careless and reckless in a way to hold people today out of these locations,” Monte Deatrich, Tri-County Well being Division environmental wellness manager, told The Post.

In addition to the quarantined parking lot and campgrounds, Shakedown Street, the band’s famed pop-up bazaar (and initially a staple at Grateful Dead shows), will also be cancelled, as it was initially scheduled to be constructed on one particular of the sectioned off dirt lots.

But even with a illness from the Middle Ages thriving inside of gopher holes just minutes away from the 23,000 individual venue, Phish has not cancelled any of their 3 scheduled concerts. Tri-County Well being officials will be present at the website to spray insecticide and monitor any plague developments more than the subsequent week. Outdoors of ropes barring off the impacted dirt lots, the show will go on as planned.

So if you are heading to Colorado for a 3 day swim in the Phish tank, you can leave your tent at property. That stated, it is nevertheless possibly a excellent notion to bring some bug spray, and if you see a prairie dog coming your way… run.

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