Not all cannabis is the exact same. There exist thousands of strains, most obtainable via a marijuana delivery service, all with their personal one of a kind cannabinoid profiles and effects. As legalization spreads each medically and recreationally, the search for the strongest weed out there continues to achieve momentum. When all marijuana strains include tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, they differ considerably in quantity. 

The far more potent a strain, the far more THC it has, and as such, the stronger its effects will be. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid accountable for the “high” connected with pot use. How people respond to different strains depends on their body’s chemical makeup, so physiological effects differ enormously in between men and women. Some are far more tolerant of it than other folks are. 

Some strains lead the pack in potency, and are extremely well-known for it. Right here are 5 of them: 

1. Godfather OG

Godfather OG, a 3-way cross of Granddaddy Purple, Cherry Pie, and OG Kush, has a reputation for becoming the strongest weed on earth. Its THC levels measure more than 34 %, so it is advisable to proceed with intense caution. This strain is a Higher Instances Cannabis Cup winner in the very best Indica category. It will render you immobile, glued to your sofa for hours, in a hungry, relaxed, calm, and blissfully lazy state. 

two. Chemdawg

Bred by Denver-primarily based Subsequent Harvest, Chemdawg is hugely sought right after amongst weed lovers across the globe, absolutely these in California. Even though its precise genetics is somewhat a secret, several think Chemdawg to be a hybrid of Thai and Nepalese Sativa strains. THC levels test as higher as 33 %, producing several novices weary of it. Effects are inventive and energetic, for several, perfect for daytime use. 

three. Strawberry Banana

Grown by Significant Seeds, Strawberry Banana combines the tasty and potent genes of Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush. As its name implies, this is a sweet, dessert-like strain tempting to several. Even so, with a THC content material of about 32 %, some may want to reconsider. This strain is not for the faint-hearted, but for the incredibly brave, its effects guarantee an even balance of euphoria and sedation. 

four. Irish Cream

From the renowned Could possibly Irish Seeds comes Irish Cream, a delightful cross of the Actual McCoy and Cookies and Cream. Its THC profile hovers in between 28 % and 30 %, earning its location amongst the most potent of all. It is a well-known strain for health-related use, but its uplifting, motivating, and sociable effects make it loved for recreational use as well. Even so, this quickly turns to a full, couchlocked complete physique stone. 

five. White Tahoe Cookies

Crossed in between 3 notoriously potent strains, White Tahoe Cookies inherits the very best traits of its Tahoe OG, The White, and Girl Scout Cookies lineage. It requires but a minute to really feel its effects, and with THC concentrations testing about 28 %, it is specific to please these chasing a potent higher. This inventive strain starts with a buzz, but quickly adequate, it will leave you sedated for a number of hours. 

Marijuana Delivery Service in California

You can uncover these strains and several far more when you order marijuana delivery service in California. With so several selections obtainable, obtaining the most potent of them can be a challenge. This list is by no implies exhaustive several other strains are deserving of mention as well. Even so, these 5 prime selections present a excellent location to start off if you are searching for the ultimate marijuana expertise. Just use them responsibly.