Dear Stoner: When can we start off obtaining mushrooms in dispensaries?

Dear Felipe: Despite the fact that Denver and Oakland lately decriminalized magic mushrooms — or their psychedelic compound, psilocybin — you and just about every other drug-doer out there ought to know that decriminalization and legalization are far from the exact same. Legalization denotes some set of legal rights and regulations, whilst decriminalization just suggests that law enforcement will not be putting a priority on, or placing any finances toward, arresting and prosecuting you for a specific action, like possessing magic mushrooms. And only Denver — nowhere else in Colorado — has decriminalized mushrooms. It would take a ballot measure and approval of Colorado voters to legalize them like cannabis.

Nonetheless, Denver’s selection to decriminalize cannabis in 2005 was an integral initially step in the state’s approval of recreational pot, so you are not totally batshit for considering this could come about. The Meals and Drug Administration has rapidly-tracked production of a psilocybin-primarily based drug to treat depression, whilst a Denver coffee roaster announced plans to make psilocybin-infused coffee if it can get FDA or state approval. Possibly you will have the final laugh in the subsequent decade or so.

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