We manufacture and set up comprehensive light deprivation cannabis greenhouse systems equipped with user friendly light deprivation technologies that assists farmers decrease power charges, raise yields and creates an organic atmosphere ideal suited for the production of higher high quality cannabis.
Our patented light depo greenhouse technique tricks the plant into pondering its autumn, causing the plant to enter the flowering stage of its improvement cycle, permitting farmers to accomplish numerous yields a year which was only reserved for indoor growers. Till now. Our technique is created in the USA, uncomplicated to set up and operate and is capable to withstand forces from mother nature due to the fact of our heavy gauge exterior and interior steel frame.
With a handful of turns of a crank, the blackout fabric is pulled more than the “interior” light
deprivation area exactly where you can accomplish 100% light deprivation in beneath 60 seconds! The “exterior” greenhouse offers an extra layer of insulation, saving you funds on heating/cooling and also acts as a condensation barrier, defending the light deprivation develop space from any undesirable moisture that could lead to mold or mildew potentially wiping out your entire crop.
Each layers are equipped with five ft retractable side walls, permitting the farmer to take comprehensive manage of the atmosphere with out spending a dime on power consumption.
You can now be flowering beneath the most intense period of sun for your distinct geographical place and you determine when the plants bloom, taking manage like in no way ahead of in a greenhouse atmosphere.
Simply because light can not escape the greenhouse, operating lights at evening will no longer bother your neighbors and divert any undesirable focus so you will not stick out like a glowing target for criminals. If you will need a greenhouse with light deprivation, prebuilt or custom sized to your specifications, then we would enjoy to assist you with your project.
We are greenhouse farmers who think we have solved most of the obstacles we have encountered developing cannabis in a greenhouse, obtaining numerous yields per year, saving funds on electric and developing charges though enjoying a incredibly user friendly technique that grows the finest item.
We enjoy this market.
We are inventing, innovating and dreaming each day on how we can assist make family members farmers thrive.
We would enjoy to earn your organization.