This is the translation of the video I produced in Dutch:

In this video I clarify for what you can use cannabis oil, how you can use cannabis oil and what the distinction is among heated and unheated (raw) cannabis oil.
For far more data about cannabis as a medicine you can go to my web-site:

If you want to make cannabis oil your self, it typically begins with planting seeds. You can purchase seeds from these internet websites: and or go to my web-site exactly where I give some examples of cannabis seeds that are pretty appropriate for medicinal cannabis oil. (If thera are active promotions for very good solutions you can come across them there aswell)

On this channel I want to concentrate primarily on plant medicine and healthful living with all-natural sources.
In my videos, share my experiences and observations to inspire other folks and assist them.


All video, audio and text is produced by Filav (Jochem van der Linden)

Song utilized for remixing: Valesco & JNNY – Back and Forth (feat. Tim Moyo):

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