In an interview with HeadCount back in 2012, Bob Weir, founding member of the Grateful Dead, discussed the significance of registering to vote. “Just register, study up and vote. It is your future. Do not let individuals take that from you,” says Weir. “Cause in years to come you will be wishing you had.”

Tuesday, September 24th is National Voter Registration Day and we want to remind our readers to register to vote. If you subscribe to our newsletter, study our articles, news stories, columns and options, then possibilities are that you help legal cannabis. If you are supportive of legal cannabis, then you really should contemplate voting for candidates that help the similar trigger. Cannabis legalization is about much more than just building a legal marketplace it is about social justice, equality, civil rights and much more. If you can heal the symptoms, but not impact the trigger, it is rather a bit like attempting to heal a gunshot wound with gauze.

Bob Weir, founding member of the Grateful Dead
Image: jgullo, Flickr

The 2020 election is approaching quicker than you consider and picking out candidates that help legal cannabis is a rapid and straightforward way to support. We definitely like what the Cannabis Voter Project (CVP) is up to. CVP is a nonprofit initiative began by HeadCount, an organization that promotes voter registration and participation in democracy by means of the energy of music. This previous summer time, CVP went on tour with Dead & Co., engaging with concertgoers about registering to vote. Headcount has helped about 600,000 individuals register to vote so far. Bob Weir sits on their board of directors. Bands like Phish, Jay-Z, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam have also helped get the word out about registering to vote as a portion of HeadCount’s campaign.

You can register to vote or verify your voter registration status by clicking right hereYou can also text CANNA to 40649 to make contact with your lawmakers and ask exactly where they stand on cannabis. As soon as in a although you get shown the light, in the strangest of locations if you appear at it appropriate. At the CVP’s web-site, you can verify out their database of congress, organized state-by-state, with every single members’ stance on cannabis.

Their advisory board options cannabis firms like CannaCraft, Terrapin Care Station, Harvest, Sal Pace Consulting and 1906. They went on tour with funk band Lettuce to educate the band’s fans about what’s going on with cannabis policy in their state and how they can use their vote to effect cannabis policy.

Cannabis is a bipartisan challenge. The cannabis voting bloc is larger than you consider and we have the energy to make alter take place by producing our voices heard. “HeadCount is not so significantly political, it is nonpartisan,” says Weir. “What we’re attempting to do is get children to register, spend interest to what candidates are saying, spend interest to the politics of the moment, and react with their hearts and minds.”

The cannabis legalization movement has created really serious progress lately, but we nonetheless have to just preserve truckin’ on.