On this episode of Bong Appetit, Abdullah is in Seattle to delight in some excellent ol’ fashioned Pacific Northwest cannabis hospitality. His 1st quit is the production facility for Craft Elixirs, exactly where founder Jamie Hoffman concocts cannabis-infused elixirs for all types of applications from French toast to tiki cocktails. Abdullah dives head 1st into the globe of infused syrups and whips up a batch of their blueberry-orange Ballard Beat syrup to take along for the subsequent portion of his adventure.

Abdullah and Jamie verify in to the Emerald City’s finest cannabis-friendly “bud and breakfast,” The Winston Home, for some nicely-deserved R+R. Just after indulging in a breakfast feast topped with Jamie’s infused elixirs and sampling anything else this cannabis-inspired retreat has to provide, Abdullah ends the day with some bodywork that brings new which means to the notion of “body higher.”

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