The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has as soon as again pledged to take action to much better facilitate clinical cannabis investigation.

According to the agency’s filing today in the Federal Register, the DEA “intends to promulgate regulations” to evaluate quite a few dozen applications prior to it from private entities that want to cultivate cannabis for FDA-authorized investigation. Even so, this is not the very first time the agency has produced such a guarantee. In 2016, the DEA similarly announced the adoption of new rules to expand to provide of investigation-grade cannabis, but failed to take any additional action.

“For the previous 3 years, the DEA has failed to take any actions to comply with by way of on its guarantee to facilitate clinical cannabis investigation, and today’s announcement tends to make it clear that this foot-dragging will continue,” NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri mentioned. “According to the DEA’s filing, the agency has but to even evaluate even a single of the dozens of applications prior to it – quite a few of which have been pending for additional than two years, nor do they supply any timetable relating to when or if they ever will. In an era exactly where public and scientific interest in the cannabis plant, specifically with regard to its therapeutic properties, has in no way been higher, and exactly where individuals in a majority of states are currently employing cannabis in compliance with state law, it is inexcusable that the DEA continues to take this ‘head-in-the-sand’ strategy to this swiftly altering cultural and legal landscape.”

In June, a single of the applicants in search of a DEA cultivation license – the Scottsdale Analysis Institute – filed a petition in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in search of a writ of mandamus to order the DEA to comply with its 2016 policy, arguing that the agency has engaged in unreasonable delays. On July 29, the Appellate Court ordered the DEA to supply a written response to the filing inside 30 days.

Due to the fact 1968, only the University of Mississippi has been federally licensed to engage in the increasing of cannabis for FDA-authorized clinical investigation. Scientists familiar with the item have regularly mentioned that it is of inferior quality and fails to accurately reflect the sorts cannabis varieties commercially offered in legal states. Additional, the University only provides scientists with the selection to access herbal cigarette formulations of the plant, not concentrates, edibles, or extracts. Varieties higher in the compound cannabidiol ( CBD) – a chemical of specific interest to quite a few scientists – are also not at present available from the University.


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