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Take a deep breath, unwind, and get pleasure from your subsequent session with the Session Bong and the newly released Session Pipe from Session Goods.




It is the tiny factors in life that can make a major distinction — particularly throughout these instances when you are elevating. That is why Session Goods strives to design and style and build smokeware items that aid you make the most out of each session by focusing on the tiny factors.

What takes place when 4 designers get with each other, get higher and commence speaking about design and style and the altering planet of cannabis? They comprehend an chance to build properly-created smoking accessories that matched the shifting stigma, style and sensibilities of today’s contemporary stoner.

Wild swirling colors, a series of difficult percolators or cold beaker like shapes nevertheless following the stereotypical psychedelic and scientific aesthetics of the previous. Why is not there any glassware with the similar believed, design and style and care that most of the items in their lives had?

Session Goods was produced to address that shift in today’s maturing cannabis scene. They created a bong that their moms would be proud to smoke out of… one thing very simple, lovely, and approachable in each ease of use and price tag.  

Session Bong

Equal components lovely, functional and very simple, the Session Bong tends to make it even a lot easier to sit down and get pleasure from your subsequent session. From the tapered type and angled mouthpiece to the way it feels in your hands, the Session Bong was created to seamlessly match into your life style and make smoking a blissful expertise. 

Additional consideration was paid to the components applied to craft the device. The bong, bowl, and downstem are produced of 4mm thick borosilicate glass, producing it extremely difficult to break. You can immediately really feel the excellent and cautious believed that went into generating this piece when you choose it up. It is like how a finely foraged wine glass rests poised to provide you the fantastic sip, this bong sets you up to take the fantastic hit. 

There is a silicone footer that indicates the waterline and also protects the glass. As accidents can take place, they offered an added grommet, bowl, and downstem with each and every Session Bong so you never ever have to be concerned about interrupting your relaxation ritual. 

With a concentrate on producing contemporary, lovely and functional smoking accessories that turn out to be an integral aspect of your routine, Session Goods produced confident the Session Bong can be customized with interchangeable colored silicone accessories, offered in 4 colors. This way your private style can be just as represented in your smoke ware as it is in any of your housewares or private accessorizing. 

Session Pipe

The most recent item in Session’s smokeware lineup is the Session Pipe. The handheld pipe was produced utilizing the similar design and style principles as the Session Bong — functionality, simplicity and beauty — to make for a item you will want to use each day and anyplace you go. 

Getting produced of smoked black borosilicate glass, the Session Pipe is sleek and discreet. Its durability is upped by the custom created silicone sleeve, also offered in their 4 colors. This protective sleeve does not draw unnecessary consideration, which means you can really feel comfy with it hanging from a belt loop or bag, utilizing the incorporated steel crucial ring. The sleeve lets you pack a bowl to take with you, so you can take your session with you anyplace you go. The Session Pipe is compact, classy and transportable.

Session Goods took its name from that period of time devoted to a precise activity — one particular certain sort of session in this case — and that inspiration extends to its mission of making laid-back moments with smiling eyes and relieving sighs. Irrespective of whether at household or on the go, Session Goods’ items will aid you reach the very best smoking ritual attainable, be it solo or with other folks. Time to sit back, take a deep breath, unwind and get pleasure from. 

Inform US, what do you consider tends to make the fantastic session? 


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