Melania Trump Joins Other people Urging E-Cig Businesses to Cease Marketing to Teens


Initial lady Melania Trump known as on e-cigarette corporations to quit marketing to teenagers on Monday though urging youth to stay away from the perils of addiction. Appearing at a U.S. Drug Enforcement rally to kick off a drug abuse prevention awareness occasion, Trump mentioned that young folks really should be warned about the dangers of making use of e-cigarettes.

“It is vital to me that we all function to educate kids and households about the dangers related with this habit,” mentioned the very first lady.

The president and Mrs. Trump have a teenaged son, 13-year-old Barron. She also known as on companies to finish the advertising and marketing of e-cigarettes to young folks.

“Marketing this addictive solution to kids ought to quit,” mentioned Trump.

In September, the Trump administration announced that it was building plans to concern a federal ban on all flavored e-cigarettes in component as a response to the rash of really serious lung injuries linked to vaping that continues to plague the United States.

“The vaping has develop into a extremely large organization, as I have an understanding of it, like a giant organization in a extremely brief period of time. But we can not enable folks to get sick and we can not have our youth be so impacted,” the president mentioned.

“We’re going to have to do one thing about it,” he added.

Initial Lady Warns of Perils of Drug Addiction

The very first lady’s remarks came through a DEA rally to market the October 23 starting of Red Ribbon Week, an occasion that encourages young folks to take a pledge to not use drugs. At the rally, Trump also warned the audience of the dangers of drug addiction.

“In my time as very first lady, I have traveled to hospital and visited rehabilitation centers exactly where I have observed very first-hand the horrible outcomes of drug abuse,” she mentioned. “Our administration will continue operating really hard in fighting the opioid crisis.”

Trump also mentioned that young folks struggling with drug use really should be urged to face their addiction and seek therapy.

“We require to continue encouraging teenagers and young adults who have fallen into drug addiction to be brave adequate to admit it, to speak about it, and to get assistance,” urged the very first lady.

“Illegal use of drugs destroys as well quite a few households in our nation. Drugs are taking a toll on our most vulnerable,” she added.

Trump vowed to continue operating by way of her Be Ideal initiative to assistance young folks stay away from drug abuse.

“I will continue to address addiction as extended as it impacts our kids, our youth, and our schools,” she mentioned.


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