Celebrity chef arrested following ‘experimenting with cannabis as a new Mediterranean flavour for his dishes’


A CELEBRITY chef has been arrested following he was caught working with cannabis to “experiment with new flavours”

Chef Carmelo Chiaramonte is well-known in Italy as a Television character and a chef at the Katane Palace Hotel in Sicily.

He told police that he was functioning on the new flavours for “contemporary cuisine” according to The Neighborhood Italy.

Carmelo, who hosted a Television cooking show, was identified in the possession of two massive marijuana plants and 1kg of Indian hemp

Other products identified at his household integrated cannabis-infused wine, coffee, olives and tuna, which have been taken by police.

In 1 of the shows referred to as “Immoral Recipes and Aphrodisiac Foods,” he previously mentioned that cooks have been like a “drug addict and an alchemist”.

The chef, who lives in the village of Trecastagni close to Mount Etna, told police that he was an “agro-meals consultant for third millennium cuisine”.

He has been released pending a trial.

Hotels in the US are offering food and drink infused with cannabis to be delivered to your door.

Nine states have legalised the sale of cannabis oil – one thing which is not at the moment legal in Italy.

Supply: The Sun


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