However One more Study Finds Legal Cannabis Lowers Opioid Use Prices


The proof keeps developing that weed could be a single of our most powerful tools to combat the opioid abuse epidemic.

A new study published this week in the International Journal of Drug Policy concluded that states with legal cannabis applications showed decrease prices of opioid use.

As opposed to most prior research on weed legalization’s effects on a state’s opioid use, which had been largely made by overall health agencies or health-related researchers, this a single came from the Division of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida International University. 

Health-related marijuana laws, the researchers stated, “may be powerful at lowering opioid reliance as survey respondents living in states with health-related cannabis legislation are substantially much less apt to report working with opioid analgesics than people today living in states without the need of such laws, net other elements.”

And here’s the true kicker: “Results additional indicate that the presence of medicinal cannabis legislation seems to have no influence more than opioid misuse,” they continued. In other words, regardless of scare campaigns and worry-mongering from prohibitionists, after once more, there is definitely zero epidemiological or criminological proof that smoking weed leads to abusing tougher drugs like cocaine, meth — or opioids. 

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This most up-to-date study confirms numerous prior research that concluded health-related marijuana legalization was linked with decrease opioid use or death prices. A single Stanford University College of Medicine study from June, on the other hand, seemed to contradict these earlier findings. The Stanford researchers concluded that health-related marijuana laws have no true impact on opioid abuse, and the earlier research had been fundamentally flawed.

According to the naysaying Stanford study, the explanation why the initial states to legalize health-related marijuana also had decrease opioid-associated deaths was mainly because these states had been also a lot more liberal, wealthier, and supplied improved access to overall health sources (i.e. addiction remedy, naloxone to counteract overdoses, and so on.). The Stanford researchers also claimed that considering that they applied newer information going up to 2017 — immediately after practically every single US state had implemented some sort of health-related marijuana plan — their findings had been a lot more correct, considering that the older research relied on information from when only 13 to 17 US states had legal health-related weed.

So, can weed replace opioid painkillers? Could legalizing cannabis nationwide assist place an finish to the opioid epidemic ravaging the US, which fees the nation $600 billion annually? Science nonetheless hasn’t come to a consensus, but seeing as weed never ever killed any one from an overdose — as opposed to opioids, which kill 130 Americans every single day — it most likely wouldn’t hurt to attempt.

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