National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Accepting Vaping Items, Such as Marijuana


National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is now, October 26, and in addition to prescription medicines, authorities will be accepting an assortment of vaping merchandise, which includes these filled with THC and CBD.

Citing vaping-associated illnesses and deaths more than the previous a number of months, the DEA is taking “vaping devices and cartridges” in addition to prescription medication at any of its drop-off areas, and it does not matter what is inside them.

According to the Denver Police Division, Denver drop-off spots will accept electronic cigarettes and nicotine vaping merchandise, as nicely as vaping merchandise with marijuana extracts THC and CBD.

And DEA spokesperson Randy Ladd confirms that drop-off areas nationwide will accept vaping devices and cartridges with cannabis and other illegal substances without having arresting the men and women dropping them off. “The devices, the vape liquids and these sorts of items, whether it’s illicit or licit, that doesn’t matter,” he says.

The only factor that the DEA and Denver will not accept? Lithium ion batteries. If batteries can not be removed from vaping merchandise prior to drop-off, the DEA asks that you alternatively seek advice from with shops that recycle them.

At least one particular death possibly connected to vaping has been reported in Colorado officials from the state Division of Public Overall health and Atmosphere are nevertheless functioning to figure out the official trigger. Over 1,600 confirmed instances of vaping-associated illness have been reported nationwide, with 34 of these instances fatal, according to the Centers for Illness Handle and Prevention. Each nicotine and THC merchandise have been connected to the hospital visits.

Most of the deaths have been linked to THC vaping merchandise obtained on the black industry, produced with sketchy additives and toxic pesticides. Although the vast majority of hospitalizations for THC merchandise have been tied to black-industry cartridges with traces of damaging pesticides and additives, at least one particular death was reportedly connected to a legal solution bought from a dispensary in Oregon.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division is thinking about banning the production and sale of cannabis vape merchandise containing polyethylene glycol (PEG), vitamin E acetate and medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil), but will not take any official action till November.

Made to support rid medicine cabinets across the nation of unneeded opioids and other potentially damaging prescription drugs, National Prescription Drug Day is held two instances a year, in April and October. Coloradans disposed of more than 16,000 pounds of prescription drugs in April, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration
Diversion Handle Division. Right here are the list of Denver drop-off spots open now, October 26:

  • 1311 West 46th Avenue
  • 3921 Holly Street
  • 1625 South University Boulevard
  • 2100 South Clay Street
  • 4685 Peoria Street
  • 1566 Washington Street
  • 1331 Cherokee Street

Locate Take-Back areas outdoors of Denver right here.


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