State’s Marijuana Regulations Up for Discussion in Traverse City


Michigan’s “Marijuana Regulatory Agency” is taking public input with a series of meetings throughout the state.

Monday the MRA stopped in Traverse City for a study session as they work to draft new regulations. The state agency holds quarterly public meetings to talk about the implementation of new marijuana laws.

The Executive Director, Andrew Brisbo, says the goal is to make themselves available to the public, so they can take input from the business community. But equally important, he says, is taking time to hear concerns about public safety. “We understand all of this industry is brand new. And there are lot of different opinions. So we feel as though we need to educate ourselves on what the public perception is, what we can be doing better, new ideas to open the business possibilities, but ultimately ensuring we’re protecting the public.”

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency says the direct feedback from the public helps in outlining how the marijuana industry will work successfully in Michigan, so it can be a good business partner in the communities where shops are opened.


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