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Content week of Halloween and to kick off these days of Samhain focused rituals we wanted to give you our best five horror films for your to watch when you enjoying some CBD drenched popcorn and candy.

How do you make CBD Drenched popcorn? Right here are 3 uncomplicated methods:

1. Pop your popcorn by way of microwave more than, stove best or nevertheless it is you get the kernels to grow to be film watchers preferred low-calorie snack.

two. Apply one particular complete dropper of ThoughtCloud Complete Spectrum CBD – Coconut Oil to your preferred popcorn accoutrement – E.G. Coconut oil, Vegan Butter, Olive and or Avocado Oil and so on.

three. Sprinkle on such goodies as salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, cajun seasoning or even some wasabi powder for that added zing.

Now that you have developed your masterpiece bowl of popcorn, Instagram that snack and tag us @ThoughtCl0ud since we appreciate seeing these recipes.

Lastly, love one particular of these five Halloween Horror Film classics courtesy of the ThoughtCloud CBD employees!


The Ring

The Faculty


Incorrect Turn


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