New Frontier Information Launches On line Cannabis Information Marketplace


Washington D.C.-primarily based cannabis information, analytics, and enterprise intelligence firm New Frontier Information currently announced the launch of the very first-ever international and digital cannabis information marketplace on its on the internet platform Equio.

The new function on Equio will deliver access for all subscription levels to person and bundled information sets which variety from cannabis customer trends to international market place figures and market place information centered about the hemp business.

According to New Frontier Information, the Necessary subscription level is made for savvy early entrants and operating executives whilst the Premium level is geared toward researchers, analysts, and attorneys.

The Enterprise level is the most complete package, made for bigger enterprises eyeing the cannabis business.

“New Frontier Information was the very first firm to recognize and address the require for information in what is now a international cannabis market place,” says New Frontier Information founder and CEO Giadha Aguirre de Carcer. “We have spent more than 5 years constructing the only cannabis Major Information technologies platform that is in a position to ingest, scrub, method and report millions of information points. Our business reporting has now reached more than 80 nations worldwide, and so the time has come to help others’ investigation and reporting by leveraging what is eventually our core competency: information reporting.”

Aguirre de Carcer says that the firm’s ultimate vision is to be the international nexus of cannabis market place information and develop into the most trusted companion for men and women who want a much better understanding of the international cannabis space.

The new information marketplace gives stakeholders in the cannabis business with thousands of information sets on a single platform to assist them make educated enterprise choices that are rooted in vetted information

New Frontier Information says that they have opened their library of cannabis market place information to foster transparency all through the business and help a lot more-complicated and sophisticated investigation and evaluation.



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