20 different types of rolling papers

Smoking has remained the main form of consuming marijuana. But did you know that the rolling paper for your joint could alter your smoking experience drastically? In this article, we will review the original rolling papers to help you choose the one that fits all your needs. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of rolling papers. 


    1. Rizla Rolling Papers

Rizla is a household name among weed smokers. Since the 16th century, the Rizla brand has been used by major brands to package their joints. Rizla is revered for its ability to produce high-quality rolling papers, given that it is made from the Arabic gum. Here is a brief breakdown of Rizla rolling papers:


      • The rolling paper does not contain chlorine, so it produces very good smoke.

      • The papers have a medium thickness, which makes rolling of the joint easy.

      • Although they are of medium thickness, when they burn, they leave small traces of ash, making them environment-friendly.

      • They are flavored with a licorice flavor to give the smoker a touch of class.

      • They occur in different varieties. The most common form of Rizla rolling papers are Oyster Pearl, blue, silver, Tattoo white paper, and Special Edition Tattoo Black.  


There have been complaints about the stack of the papers being few. 

      1. RAW

RAW has withstood the cutthroat competition in the market to establish itself as the crème-de-la-crème brand in rolling papers. This brand is famous for its unrefined products, which give chain smokers the natural taste of the herb. Here is a scorecard of RAW rolling papers: 


      • They have a patented watermark to ensure that the joint burns evenly with low risk of runs.

      • The rolling paper is handcrafted with the highest level of precision to give the user a natural feel and taste of their herb.

      • RAW rolling papers do not have chlorine elements, and this makes them produce safe and smooth smoke.

      • The papers are ultra-thin, and this makes rolling of the joint easy.

      • The paper burns slowly, leaving behind a minute amount of ash.


Some buyers have raised complaints about the glue not sticking. 

      1. Juicy Jay Flavored Rolling Papers

Getting a flavored rolling paper in the market is not easy, save for Juicy Jay. The brand manufacturer of rolling papers infuses fruity (strawberry, apple, mint, blackberry, oranges, etc.) flavors to give the user an out-of-earth experience. Since they occur in different shapes, users can choose the one that suits their needs.


      • The whole rolling paper is flavored with, giving the user a full experience 

      • You cannot confuse the flavor in each paper since it comes with the name of the flavor written on it. 

      • The rolling papers are made from natural products, making them environment-friendly.

      • The papers use a “triple-dipping” system to minimize any harsh feelings.


Some buyers have raised concerns about the glue not sticking.

      1. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Gold is associated with kings, and so are the Shine rolling papers. This rolling paper is the exemplification of class. The gold layer used in this paper is food-grade, and therefore there is no cause for alarm. Here are some of the properties that make Shine produce the best joint papers:


      • The gold used in the paper is food-grade and, therefore, safe to use.

      • The paper has a slow rate of burn, and this allows the user to experience the full euphoria effects of the herb.

      • The absence of chlorine in this gold sheet makes it produce smooth and environment-friendly smoke.


You must be extra careful to avoid peeling off the brittle gold coating.

      1. Aleda Clear Rolling Papers

Aleda rolling papers are the epitome of temptation due to their transparent nature. Unlike colored rolling papers that might have harmful chemicals, Aleda is made from pure cellulose. Here are more outstanding features in Aleda rolling papers:


      • The rolling papers are made using digestible ingredients made from food-grade materials. 

      • The papers are thin enough to make rolling easy. Since they do not contain gum, you only need to lick lightly to have them stick together. 

      • They do not contain any traces of chlorine, and this makes their smoke healthy.


Some people have raised complaints, citing that the heat produced by the papers is very high.

      1. Benji

You will literally be smoking money if you buy the Benji rolling papers. After all, these rolling papers get designed in such a way that they take after the $100 bill. 



      1. Smoking Rolling Papers 

The Smoking brand of herb rolling papers reached the shelves way back in 1929, and they still exist. 


      • Their rolling papers are generally safe 

      • Environmentally safe products 

      • Different sizes to explore

      • Improved products over the time they have been in the business. 


      1. Big Bambu 

Founded in 1764, Spain, Big Bambu has upheld their mission – always manufacturing the best rolling papers for the market. Their rolling papers get manufactured using acacia gum, but with no additives.



      1. Cyclones Clear Pre-Rolled Cones

 If you are a junkie for bright pre-rolled cones, Cyclones papers might have been customized for. This state-of-the-art cone is flavored in blueberry or cherry to give you an outstanding experience. The transparent material also ensures that you can take a look at your herb as you smoke. 


      • The flavor used on the rolling papers gives you a chic feel. 

      • Since Cyclones come pre-rolled, you can avoid the hassle of rolling to smoke your joint. 

      • The cones burn slowly to allow you to experience the real taste of weed.


Some users have raised complaints about the cones not being firm enough. 

      1. Bob Marley 

Please don’t surprise us that you don’t know this reggae legend. Well, Bob Marley, a reggae music icon has different products named after him. These include a renowned cannabis strain, and of course rolling papers. These rolling papers get manufactured in Spain using organic hemp.


      • Slow burning

      • Easy rolling 

      • Stellar packaging. 


      1. Bugler

Since the founding in 1932, the Bugler rolling paper is arguably one of the top 3 in the United States.


      • The company manufactures thinner papers; thus, making users find it convenient 

      • Consistent improvement over time. 


      1. Elements 

Perhaps you have ever heard of this stood out brand. They actually form part in the most recognized herb rolling papers in the world.



      1. Zig-Zag rolling papers

Zig-Zag is a legend in the manufacture of rolling papers, having been in the business since 1879. The company uses natural plant flax fibers to manufacture its rolling papers, making them friendly to the environment. What makes the Zig-Zag the indisputable king of rolling papers? Let’s have a look.


      • The rolling papers are ultra-thin, making amateur smokers make their joints with ease.

      • They contain less paper flavor, making them friendly to use.

      • The papers contain 0% chlorine, making them safe for users and the environment.


There have been complaints about some rolling papers lacking the sticky gum.

      1. Odet Cascadet Bollor’e (OCB)

Stats show that since the founding in 1822, OCB has sold more than 135 billion cigarette rolling papers.



The slow-burning speed irritates most of the impatient connoisseurs. 

      1. Trip

Trip, as a brand, has been in the rolling papers for years now. 

Pros of Trip Clear Rolling Papers 


Users are unsure if these rolling papers are safe enough for the body.

      1. High Hemp

The High Hemp rolling papers are the real deal for those who prefer going green. Today, they get recognized as the first rolling paper manufacturers. 


      • 100% natural hemp matter used in the manufacturing process

      • Slow-burning of the paper

      • Preservation of the taste of the product getting consumed.


      1. Randy’s Paper

If you prefer uniqueness to anything else, then the Randy’s paper gets manufactured such uniquely that it is overwhelming to find any other that meets its design.


      • The paper has  a wire handle to prevent the user from having their fingers burnt

      • Easy to roll the herb, thanks to the usage of a stainless steel wire.


Some users report discomfort with the wire handle.

      1. Blazy Susan 

The pink Blazy Susan rolling papers not only have a fantastic packaging, but also non-genetically modified. 



      1. Pure Hemp

It’s all in the name. Pure Hemp rolling papers, materials produced by a top-tier Barcelonan brand (Miquel y Costas y Miquel), are as you guess, pure. 



      1. Whiz Khalifa

Whiz Khalifa rolling papers get named after the legend. The packing is also neat, as expected with the legendary rolling materials.


      • Great value for money

      • High-quality

      • Ideal for travelling.


      • Higher prices. 

Which materials can be used to make the best rolling papers for joints?

Here is a list of sought-after materials used to make joints:

      1. Flax

Flax is gaining a lot of popularity as far as the manufacture of rolling papers is concerned. It might appear silky, but it is also soft, making the rolling process easy.

      1. Paper 

Papers made from hemp and wood pulp make some of the best rolling papers in the market. They occur in different sizes and thicknesses to serve the huge demand. 

      1. Rice 

Compressing rice gives some of the best rolling papers in the market. Rolling papers made from rice are thick and therefore recommended for maestros.

Although the market is awash with various rolling papers, the ones reviewed in this article have established themselves at the ultimate leaders. They are not only robust but also contain different flavors. Regardless of your taste and preference for rolling papers, you will never lack a rolling paper in the market. 

What are your favorite rollings papers?


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