CA Ventura County: Top of The Crops ! Hemp Has A Way To Go Until It Beats The Mighty Strawberry

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Strawberries still at no.1 although hemp has now come into the top 10 at no.10.

Strawberries held their spot as the No.1 crop in Ventura County last year amid a steep dip in gross value while newcomer hemp came in 10th in the annual rankings of top sellers.

The results were reported in the county’s Crop & Livestock Report for 2019, which tracks the estimated gross values for crops and livestock sold. The figures reflect sales receipts before expenses and do not account for the multiplier effect in the economy, according to the report released late last month by the Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office.

Strawberries have yielded the largest gross value in Ventura County for years and easily led again last year at roughly $508 million. That was off more than $160 million from the previous year, a decline of 24%. Sales prices per ton grew but acreage dropped by several hundred acres, according to the report.


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