Candy Kush Farmed by Osage creek and purchased at Green Springs Medical

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This is my second review of this strain by this cultivator.just like i did in the Review of the product last time, I just didn’t speculate on the seed or clone source. I’m sorry I don’t have more information for you but the consultations of the state will not talk to a patient. People like to argue online to much for me to just speculate the genetics, but well get this Amco High Opinion going now.

The Look

The 8th oz sample here is in a medication bottle that doesn’t hold a static charge like some the squeeze pop op canisters out there in the industry. This flower seems to have a little darker hue then the last review I did of it if you like to compare you should find it on the site as well. This samples buds are dense and large. 7

The Smell

The fruity sweet sent of lavender and multiple fruits are remarkable and brought back memory of zebra bubble gum flavors. I think that terpene linollool is the strongest. Amco High Opinion 7

The Cure

The flower looks great under magnification all he tricomb heads look there darker to opaque in cloudy looked over the largest bud and amber tricombes are not plentiful Id rather see about 30% amber tricombs my self. The Squeeze test is passed, I’m not sure if this is product from a “seeded batch” or not. None were found Amco High Opinion of 7 on cure.

Ocb Provided the paper for this review

The Taste

I didn’t remember the smell from the last review. But that heavy Lavender and Floral notes i do. The mildness of the smoke in the lung reminds me a a black and mild from my younger days as well. Amco High Opinion of 9 for the taste The taste is great i wish i had terpene report to post like on some CBD products i have seen lately.

The Effect

I smoked this half gram sample in a OCB Virgin paper and the effect is one that is rather mentally intoxicating. There is some body effect to it for me I’d say a reduction of Muscle pain by 2 on the 10 scale. Nerve pain and Chronic type pain are a little harder to treat for me then this strain is capable of. Amco high Opinion of 8

Overall Amco High Opinion of 7.6 of 10 I got 0 seeds from this sample

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