CBD Oil Benefits & Effects

CBD oil effects

CBD oil effects

What is CBD oil

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the
compounds found in cannabis or marijuana plant. For the type of CBD existed in
the form of CBD oil, it is first extracted from cannabis plant and then diluted
with carrier oil like hemp seed oil or coconut. CBD oil has been widely used
for decades because many researches suggest that it has multiple benefits for
health. According to numerous scientific evidences, there’re several benefits
of CBD oil.

  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Comfort
  • Reduce psychotic and cancer-related symptoms
  • Heart health

Possible side effects of CBD oil

Just like every coin has two sides, there
are some possible side effects of using CBD oil, including dizziness, vomiting,
change in appetite, dry mouth, drowsiness, nausea and so on. When using CBD oil
with proper amounts, these side effects have less chance to happen.

Ways to consume CBD oil

There’re plenty of ways of consuming CBD carried in different forms, here we’d discuss two ways of consuming CBD carried in form of oil.

  1. Drop CBD oil under tongue

This is a traditional and common way of consuming CBD oil,
just drop a little CBD oil under the tongue and wait 20 to 40 minutes for the
CBD oil to take into effect.

CBD vaping is getting popular and popular recently with the
fast development of the vape industry. While vaping with CBD oil, the effects
take place almost immediately when you inhale, since the CBD is absorbed by
lung quickly and spread into the bloodstream. This is the quickest way to feel
the effect of CBD, yet it does not last as long as other consuming ways, thus
you would need to vape from time to time so as to get continued effect.

Tips on picking CBD vape devices

There’re tons of vape devices in the market, when picking vape devices for CBD oil vape, it’s highly suggested that you pick the CBD-oriented ones or basically lower wattage devices. The vape market is now saturated with pod systems, most of which can be used to vape CBD oil. There’re also some manufacturers focusing on developing CBD vape devices, such as Yocan, Oilax, Kamry and so on.

How to inhale CBD

Vaping CBD oil basically requires MTL(mouth
to lung) vape. When doing an MTL vape, you first suck the vapor into your mouth
and then inhale it into your lungs. If you ever smoke cigarettes, you’d find it
pretty simple to do mouth to lung vapes as they’re working under the same technique.
Just add CBD oil into your CBD vape devices, hold down the fire button or if
you’re using pod system, just inhale and enjoy the restrictive draw.

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