[Guest Article] 7 Ways To Make Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Easy

Since the rise of cannabis has observed a massive boost in its sales, many people around the world are finding ways to utilize it through several means. Not only is cannabis and cannabis concentrates consumed for recreational purposes, but users make the most of its medicinal properties. However, growing your own set of a bunch is an ongoing trend amongst marijuana users. There are many ways through which you can grow marijuana at home. Growing the substance in the soil might be the standard way to grow, but in the modern age, new methods have come up. The hydroponic system is one method that does not involve the use of soil altogether.

What is hydroponic cannabis?

The term hydroponic derives from Latin terminology that means the work of water. It is a kind of system where a grower grows cannabis in water enriched with specific nutrients. Moreover, the water is oxygenated at a high level for the grower to grow cannabis without any difficulties. Since there is no soil involved in such a growing system, some of the readers might be thinking, how does it happen in the first place?


The cannabis plants are placed in a sterile with an inert growing way. All the nutrients essential in the growth of the cannabis plant are mixed into water in the initial process. Such a method tends to accommodate air, water, and nutrients to the cannabis plant through several mediums for its growth without the use of substantial root webs. When a plant does not grow giant webs underneath, it produces much quicker. If you are looking to have excellent yields, make sure that you take control of the atmosphere in which the crops grow. With this process, you can regulate the plant’s absorption percentage from both air and water.

While the hydroponic method is a bit popular in drought-stricken regions, there are still ways through which you can make the entire process easy. Let’s shed some light on seven of the ways that can be effective and efficient while growing cannabis in a hydroponic system.

Several growers follow this technique to grow cannabis due to its simple setup. For this one, all you need is flowerpots of 12l with expanded clay balls. Connect the pots through a medium of drain near the bottom. While you attach the pump and tank to the pots, they will make sure that water gets fed to the cannabis whenever the timer goes off. RSS is an effective method and is an ideal option for a newbie grower.

2. Deep Water Culture

In the DWC method, you suspend the roots in the air. Through such a technique, you have to grow the cannabis plant in a container above a different tank. Fill the container with clay balls and run the water through it so that it reaches the bottom with all the nutrients. In DWC, the roots of the plant get fed from the tank’s water. With the help of the air pump, the water will receive enough oxygen to make the process easier and effective.

3. Ebb & Flow

In this method, you flood the roots with flowing water for some seconds and follow the cycle of emptying it through the course of the day. The pump placed under the table helps in flooding the roots with nutrient-rich water. Through this process, your roots grow well, and the plant gets enough nutrients now and then.

4. Nutrient Film Technique

This film technique is ideal for growing clones with smaller branches. NFT system makes sure that the water gets pumped up till the top in an inclined surface. This process makes the water filter back to the tank’s bottom half, where the roots reach and benefit effectively from the nutrients present. It is also one of the easiest methods to reuse and clean.

5. Aeroponics

Under this technique, you can place the plants in specific trays that have holes with neoprene disks. In every disk, you can put a clone. Make sure that you drop the roots to the disk’s underside. The sprinkler system present in the PVC tube circuit keeps the roots moist through continuous water flow. Aeroponics is an ideal option under the hydroponic ways that can clone roots effectively.

6. Use of Clay Pellets

Apart from the effective techniques and methods to grow cannabis hydroponically, specific options are there as well to make the process easier. The use of clay pellets acts as an ideal substrate option and can be utilized by newbies as well. Clay pellets make it easier for the growers to cycle nutrients and water without drowning their cannabis plants.

7. Pertile

This amorphic igneous stone is famous in botany, horticulture, and agriculture. It acts as a medium and soil amendment for the process of cuttings and hydroponics. Pertile makes it easier for growers in the growth’s early stages and is an ideal substrate. The stone, moreover, helps in preventing compaction and allowing water and nutrients to circulate effectively.

Final Thoughts

Every technique or system under hydroponics has its way to deal with the plant’s growth. Not only do these different methods help in growing cannabis plants on a different rate, but they also make sure the plant grows efficiently and effectively. You can go through the pointers to understand them in a better and profound way.

This is a guest article, here’s a little about the author 

Crystal M. Wilson is a full-time content marketing specialist. She has been closely following the cannabis skincare and edibles industry trends for quite some time. She has dabbled in various domains before the cannabis industry. On her off days, she likes to spend her time at the nearest animal shelter, lift weights, or be nose deep in a book.

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