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August already???  How did we get here? I don’t know about you, but so far it’s been a year from the Twilight Zone!  

One minute we’re ringing in the 2020 New Year, then spring comes, and we’ve been quarantined, sheltering at home ever since.

COVID has affected us all a bit differently.  The isolation of many, has become a way to slow down for some.  In this Twilight Zone world, it has provided a way to spend time with family members, catch up with old friends, start a new hobby or even pick up an old one. We’ve become a remote, ZOOM society.  I recently attended a ZOOM wedding…is this the ‘new’ new?  Will we be able to shake hands again, hug an old friend? As a hugger, I wonder with dismay if fist, elbow, and foot bumps are the new way of life.

Sadly, for me, change is not new.  In October 2017, my life changed forever. As you may know, my wife Corinne Malanca, best friend, business partner and soulmate passed from Pancreatic Cancer.  Corinne touched and connected with so many of you…she would be honored so many of you took the time to reach out to me.  It took much reflection to accept that while she helped so many over the years, cannabis didn’t work for her. Sadly for Corinne and thousands like her, Pancreatic Cancer is different.

In light of such profound change, I decided to step back from UPG.  For the past 3 years, I have been the proud host, co-creator and face of the global docu-series entitled, The Sacred Plant.  We covered a lot of ground and reached over 650,000 viewers in 190 countries. My work there was completed on May 31, 2020 and it was time for me to step down and return to United Patients Group, where Corinne and I started this journey in 2011. I think she would approve.

Recently, I sent out a questionnaire to determine what you, our community, would like to see here at UPG.  The response and personal messages were overwhelming…thank you!  It was so good to hear from so many of you.

I listened to all of you and started the ‘Be Informed. Be Well.’ Podcast Series with John Malanca.  I’ve interviewed and will continue to interview top medical professionals, scientists, patients, pharmacists, government officials and product companies, both in the cannabis sector and integrative world.  Look for our weekly email and blogs. You’ve asked and we’ll deliver!

Reach out to us at UPG…we want to know what interests you, what questions you’d like answered and what topics you’d like us to research and cover.  Being an advocate is my passion, one I shared with Corinne; so a special thank you for making this happen.

Life is precious so grab your mask, gloves, and elbow bump. We’re in this together!

Truly grateful,

John Malanca

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